Venezuela: US Media “Stenographers” For “Imperial Presidency”

Western corporate media have time and again proved to be reliable allies for US regime change efforts against Venezuela
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Western corporate media have time and again proved to be reliable allies for US regime change efforts against Venezuela (, 12/19/20, 1/22/20, 9/24/19, 6/26/19, 5/1/19).

Alongside the occasional military threat, Washington’s strategy in recent years has relied on unilateral coercive measures commonly known as sanctions. Despite these measures being classified as “collective punishment” and found responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, corporate journalists have been for a long time happy to downplay or totally ignore them.

Coverage of the Trump administration’s Venezuela policy proved an interesting case study, with the media establishment momentarily putting aside its hostility to the right-wing former president in order to cheer on his crusade against the elected government in Caracas (, 4/15/20, 5/24/19).

Corporate journalists began to scrutinize the consequences of sanctions and complain about their “failure” to topple the Maduro government toward the end of the Trump administration (Vox, 9/9/20; New York Times, 11/1/20). But the arrival of President Joe Biden evidently reinvigorated their sense of duty as loyal stenographers serving the imperial presidency.

As the US blockade becomes more asphyxiating to Venezuelans than ever before, corporate outlets have either turned their gaze somewhere else, or doubled down on misrepresenting sanctions.

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