Blame Kony Not Govt.

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(Writer says Kony, with foot on chair, not government is to blame for Uganda’s woes)

The latest Ugandan conflagration has flushed out a new class of dual nationality super-snivelers who believe mere possession of a Ugandan Diaspora passport guarantees them security in their “other� homeland. A number of Ugandan-Diasporas are berating the Ugandan Government for not doing enough to get them out of Kony war fiascos.

According to the Kony Delegation at the peace talks, up to 95% are Ugandans Diaspora elite - who also hold Diaspora passports - live permanently or semi-permanently overseas. Preposterously, they have been hitting the airwaves and the front page of the Monitor (note: shouldn’t that be Radio Katwe?) with their carping and caviling criticism that the Ugandan Government isn’t doing enough to help the peace talks. Leaders of the Diaspora community have said they are so frustrated with the new multi-party Government’s delegation “shamefulâ€? attempts to rescue Ugandans from Kony madness they are willing to fly there and do all Kony talking themselves.  LRA Spokesman Obonyo Olweny said the Government had shown no urgency in the peace talks earlier and instead had “cut and runâ€?, leaving Kony teams in fear. “In Uganda, the UPDF’s delayed reaction was so apparent it could only be described as shameful in the full meaning in the word,â€? Mr Obonyo said.

While this bunch of insufferable ingrate’s whinge and whine, the stressed and overworked team at the hard-pressed Ugandan delegation in Juba is pulling out all stops to arrange peace talks at extortionate cost to all Ugandan taxpayers. That it is absolutely unreasonable in such circumstances to expect the Government to be able to organize peace talks with elite diasporas and there hidden agendas seems to have escaped the Obonyos and fellow diasporas teams, just as their obligations to this nation seem to have slipped their attention.
While it may be convenient for these gentlemen to keep a foot in both nations, how inconvenient is it for Ugandan Ugandans to foot the bill for them to enjoy this privilege? Apparently 95% of the dual citizens demanding peace talks are in Europe, that part of the political wing that flames hatred -backed Kony thugs organization, which, with the Kony armed wing thugs, has long been dedicated to the pain and sufferings of the people from northern districts map.
And while the coverage in the Monitor goes out of its way to blame Ugandan government for belligerence, intransigence and even, most laughably, for a lack of “proportionality� in its response to aggression, it must not be forgotten that this current crisis was triggered by Konys numerous raids into Ugandan and the kidnapping of thousands of Ugandan innocent citizens not UPDF soldiers.

This is not a war of Uganda’s making. This is part of the ongoing Kony war without aims or vision for what Uganda should be in the 21st century for such commitments to peace and honor but sorry fat chance of that. The Diaspora-Ugandans squealing about the Ugandan Government’s performance should direct their attention to their other tendentious Kony whingers. Its surrender to Kony doctrines has guaranteed instability and failed solutions to the 20yr problem.

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