Chavez Speech On Target

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(President Hugo Chavez).

So, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s speech at the U.N. has ruffled feathers in the political establishment. Good.

It’s about time someone starts telling the truth. During his address, Chavez speaking of our “president” said “yesterday, the devil came here.” And apparently, the reference to this “president” as a “devil” upset many, including New York politicos like Charles Rangel.

Rangel chastised Chavez for criticizing “President” Bush and stated that he would not condone any “foreigner” coming into America and disparaging his “president.” Rangel and all those who are hooting and hollering in front of the cameras and microphones need to get a grip.    

First of all, Rangel and those on the so-called “left” need to reassess their miserable failures that have led to the ascendancy of, arguably, the most despotic regime in the history of the republic. Many are now blowing hot air about how “un-statesmanlike” Chavez was in calling Bush a “devil.” 

According to them there is a certain decorum that must be maintained at all times, no matter how superficial and hypocritical it may be. However, what people like Rangel –who by the way a few weeks ago called Vice President Dick Cheney crazy—fail to comprehend is that people are starving for real leadership, leadership that passionately represents the desperate plight of the people.    

For far too long suffering people have been saddled with “misleaders” that are too concerned with projecting a false diplomatic front filled with pretentious pleasantries and niceties, while the neighborhoods of their constituencies go up in flames. This must stop, if we are to ever move forward in the fight against poverty and racism. Therefore, a new paradigm of leadership is needed to break down the business-as-usual approach in diplomatic circles.

Chavez may very well represent a new shift in this regard. And his humble beginnings may be the reason why in truly exercising “free speech” at the U.N. he was so fiercely passionate. Mainstream media with its spin-doctoring succeeded in reducing his entire eloquent and all-encompassing speech to his comments about Bush being a “devil.” Chavez illustrated all the destruction and death that this hellish administration has wreaked in Iraq and the Middle East.

Ironically, many who are now so outraged about Chavez’s comments don’t show the same vociferous outrage about all the innocent people being killed by the imperial avarice of Bush and company. Why is that? Moreover, if one is in possession of all the implements of wealth and technology and yet cannot bring prosperity but only misery, then perhaps they are devils.

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