CNN Series Must Also Highlight African Immigrants

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[National: Op-Ed]

The U.S.African Chamber of Commerce (USACC) urges CNN to consider including a focus on the growing African immigrant population in the United States within its ongoing "Black in America" series.

Chamber President, Martin Mohammed, has been in contact with Soledad O’Brien to discuss expanding the story about Blacks in America.

Without representing African immigrants, who now number over two million, the story of Blacks in America is incomplete. The USACC believes CNN has a duty and responsibility to tell the whole picture and to tell an accurate one of the many contributions this population is making to the U.S.

Over the last 20 years, millions of African immigrants have arrived from the 54 countries within the continent of Africa to make the U.S. their home.

Today, mainstream America knows relatively little about this growing, vibrant population. In general, African immigrants in America tend to be well-educated, younger than other immigrants in the U.S. The top three occupations they occupy include Management & Professional Services, Services, and Sales within the top three industries of Education & Health Care, Retail Trade, and Professional Services.

Collectively, African immigrants in the U.S. hold an estimated buying power of $50 billion.

With more data on this population, it is clear that they have become a vital consumer segment and emerging market within the U.S.

Mohammed is president of USACC, a leading advocacy organization for U.S. African Relations and for promoting emerging markets.
The USACC is the umbrella organization for African Chambers of Commerce and Professional Trade and Business Associations throughout the United States and abroad.

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