Dreams Can Come True

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(Mmiso Mmereki wants Africa’s youth to have big dreams).

Botswana Television presenter Mmiso Mmereki is a young and energetic personality who is always keen to bring her sense of fun to her audience through her music and talent show.

"When I'm on my TV show, I feel like I'm on top of the world," says Mmiso, 28, in an interview with The Black Star News. "I've passion for it." Yes, she does. Mmiso presents Mokaragana, a local talent and music show on BTV, which is quite popular among the youth both in her country and here in Zimbabwe too.

Her show offers a unique and energetic take in the world of entertainment. She loves to use her passion for physical fitness in her TV work. Whenever viewers see her dancing energetically, one could be forgiven if one suspected she was on something. "I don't take any drugs,” she laughs. "I love music, I love fun and dancing during my shows." The best way to describe her is as an enthusiastic and bubbling presenter.

Her show is popular with children. Botswana TV beams a free satellite channel to Zimbabwe. While some parents here feel uneasy seeing their children staying glued to foreign television programs, youngsters claim the “diversity” offered is educational.

BSN caught up with Mmiso while she vacationed at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’s premier tourist attraction. "The Falls are truly amazing," she says. "I truly enjoyed my stay here and I want to come back again with my friends. I feel honored to know that I've many fans here in Zimbabwe."

The natural forest, the earthly feeling and the rain showers here had an overwhelming effect on this youthful presenter.
Mmiso was born on March 12 in 1978 in Gaborone—She went to Marang Junior School and finished her secondary education at Gabane Senior School in 1995.

She went for auditions in 2003 and was successful. She started her Mokaragana local and music show in that same year and since then she has never looked back. "Initially I wanted to be a radio presenter. There was not TV in Botswana at the time," she says. "But when television came, I felt strongly that I could do better on screen. So I went for auditions and got a job in 2003."

Mmiso says she is a dreamer who likes to live in the present. "I'm a dreamer. I try to avoid dwelling much on the future. You can't predict the future and so, I want to live in the present," she says. Mmiso was chosen as goodwill ambassador for Botswana in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty campaign.

To Africa’s youth, she says: "Believe in your self and dream on. Go out there and do it. If you believe in yourself, you can succeed. God is always there for people who fight a good fight."

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