Happy Birthday Tokio Hotel’s Kaulitz Twins

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I am a Black teenage girl who loves all kinds of music. 

I listen to R & B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Metal to name but a few. Some people give me a hard time when I listen to what they consider to be “non Black” music.  So, should my taste in music be limited by stereotypes; why should Black people only listen to certain types of music?

My favourite band just so happens to be a German rock band. Bill Kaulitz, lead vocals and Tom Kaulitz, lead guitar, are 50% of one of Germanys most successful bands; Tokio Hotel.

They broke America with their first English album –titled “Scream” after their debut album “Schrei”- in 2007, performing to sold out venues up and down the country. Their fan base ever increasing.

The other two members of the band are Gustav Schäfer, 21 and Georg Listing, 22.

Gustav plays the drums and Georg is the bass player. The four of them first met in a small club in Magdeburg, Germany and have been going hard ever since.

Under the name “Devilish”, the foursome recorded some unreleased tracks in both English and in German; “Lebe die Sekunde” and “It’s so Hard to Live” to name a few. At about the same time, front man Bill Kaulitz entered German talent contest Star Search in hope of getting noticed and as it turns out, it was not in vain.

Within a few years Devilish were signed and in 2005 with the new name of “Tokio Hotel,” released their debut single “Durch den Monsun”.  This was succeeded by a series of successful singles such as “Rette Mich” and “Der Letzte Tag”.

And now in 2009, Tokio Hotel are back with their third album “Humanoid” -which has been recorded in German and English- with a new look and a totally new sound and will be released worldwide. The first single off the album is “Automatic/ Automatisch”.
Today is the Kaulitz twin’s 20th birthday.  Happy birthday Bill and Tom; hope your new album does equally as well or possibly better, than your previous ones.

“Humanoid” is out 19th September so if you like emo, rock, pop or guitar driven anthems or just want to try out something different, then head to the shops and buy it.

Music reviewer Sascha Allimadi writes for The Black Star News from London

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