ICC Has No Legal, Moral Authority

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[Global News: Comment]

My commentary is in response to The Black Star News’s editorial "Bashir Down; Nkunda, Museveni Next"?

The ICC was wrongly established to try leaders from developing countries.

The criteria was not set up properly, much in the same fashion as the courts that tried Adolf Hitler and his accomplices during and after World War II.

The ICC’s area of jurisdiction was not properly elaborated from the beginning. To say the least, most of the problems in the developing countries are planned, hatched and executed from the Industrialized Nations, who also happened to be the former Colonial Powers in Africa and other areas of the world.

The real reason is that the Colonial Powers are today back pushing all the dirt on many African leaders. Just turn around and look at George Bush and Tony Blair; what they did to prop Ethiopian Prime Minister and election rigger Meles Zenawi and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, who has done the same. Then there are budding puppets like Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe and the latest find, Raila Odinga in Kenya. An election loser who now has the biggest mouth.

Did we not hear Odinga’s famous remarks regarding Mugabe, and asking for the invasion of Kenya, when neighboring countries in Southern Africa kept quiet? Why is South Africa’s Jacob Zuma being skinned in the South African High Court? Because he is in-line to give South Africa away, plus Zimbabwe, back to the West. The Southern African leaders are a bunch of very clever Africans. There are things there in their region, which they don't want to mouth out like Raila and Zuma. Fill in the blank cleverly if you want to know about geopolitics in the region.

The world saw Margaret Thatcher's Son, Mark, when he was exposed as being involved in the coup plot against the president of Equatorial Guinea. His mother, the former British Prime Minister had to travel to South Africa to beg for his release.

Was it not humiliating that behind the scene there was help from those silent but powerful voices, without doubt including people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and of course the Uganda-born Rt. Rev. Bishop Sentamu, who has become a British mouth piece, condemning Mugabe while nary a word against dictator Museveni.

It is always good and wiser to watch events unfolding with you're side of the coin ready for analyses. A lamentation maintains that: who knows where the wind one sees blowing is coming from, and where it is going. That is why our traditional praise name is "Yamo Yeee," because my clan believes in the work of God.

Bush, Blair, Museveni, Zenawi, Paul Kagame and their little nephew Laurent Nkunda should be arrested and sent to the Hague. Not al Bashir, the president of the Sudan, which is a sovereign state and member of the international community.

This ICC should be scrapped. The story of Animal Farm is very much in play in that so-called International Criminal Court where some world leaders have become more special than the rest. The same leaders do not have the moral right to determine the fate of the al Bashirs of the world while mass killers like Bush, Blair, Museveni, Kagame and Nkunda bask in sunshine.

To hell with this rubbish ICC.

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