Kagame: Defend Kalinga

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Demands Justice For Alleged Torture Victim

Re: "Rwandese Alleges Abominable Uganda Torture" 
(www.blackstarnews.com June 13, 2007). Enough is enough. The problems
between Rwanda and Uganda started in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
when the two countries’ armies clashed and worsened when Uganda accused
Rwanda of hosting People’s Redemption Army (PRA) rebels hostile to

The problems got even worse when Ugandan security agents kidnapped a
Rwandan diplomat in Kampala, the first secretary, John Ngarambe,
despite his diplomatic immunity; he was accused of having an affair
with somebody’s wife. Ironically, there was never any complaint from
the husband—instead security organs attacked a respected diplomat.

Now we learn of the kidnapping and torture of a young Rwandan, Acleo
Kalinga, in Uganda, for a period of two years; and security organs are
denying any wrong doing. Uganda’s Attorney General should prepare to
justify a two year detention with torture. We have no further question
for security organs; they did what they were instructed to-kidnap and

What should poor Kalinga do now, since he is left vulnerable and with
nothing at all? We need for the security organs to be brought to
justice. Kalinga was released only after having a chance to meet
Ugandan Member of Parliament Hussein Kyanjo who publicized his plight
and sounded an alarm. Even after his release there were moves to
re-arrest him by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). Why was
Kalinga, a civilian, detained in Makindye military barracks? Why is

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni harassing Rwandans?

Goliath’s attack on David was his last move in life. We want to hear
how the Ugandan government can legally justify a two year detention.

Uganda should be totally cut off from financial support from donor states because of these human rights abuses.

The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, should note that an attack on
Rwanda nationals is also an attack on him; stand up Gen. Kagame for
your children being harassed by Uganda.

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