Libya: The Western "Troika"

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[Global: Letter]

The "troika" of Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Barack Obama have scandalously violated all norms of rightful behavior with respect to Libya.

Western leaders are using Joseph Stalin's mechanism of reprisals. Stalin's justice so-called "troika" extrajudicially accepted and then executed judgements.

As The Associated Press informed, on Friday, April, 14th, the "troika," comprising U.S. president Barack Obama, the prime
minister of Great Britain David Cameron and the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, issued a joint declaration on Libya through an article published in several newspapers.

The "troika" declared that it was inconceivable for Muammar Kaddafi to remain in power and they promised to continue military operations against Libya. This "troika" operates on the basis of a stream of mass media lies. The lies consist of unreasonable
statements about, ostensibly, Kaddafi's war against a "peaceful population." Yet the world is shown armed combatants.

This "troika" leans against the obviously illegal Resolution 1973 of the UN Security Councils. The resolution is accepted with rough remedial infringement.

In discussing in the United Nations the application of military force, the representative of the country to which this force is now being applied --Libya-- hasn't been heard from which was actually necessary, according to authorized documents of the Security Council.

The Obama administration denied an entry visa to the representative of Libya, so the country could not participation in the United Nations Security Council session. The acceptance of the Resolution was a farce; making it insignificant.

The world community still awaits the facts testifying to Kaddafi's "crimes." At the same time the repressive device of the Western coalition has already rained the hundreds rockets and thousands of aerial bombs on the condemned country.

Novosibirsk, Russia

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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