McCain Steals Barack’s Ideas; He May As Well Vote For Obama

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[Election 2008]



Many Europeans are stunned by Sen. John McCain’s current chopping and changing, and mainly by his literal and blatant cribbing from Sen. Obama.


Furthermore, they´re astonished that Sen. McCain plumped for Gov. Sarah Palin whom they put down as too inexperienced and risky to ably pinch-hit for the would-be president of the States.


Republican Presidential Candidate McCain told the whole world that he selected Gov. Palin as his running mate so that the two may bring about “change” and rid Washington, DC, of corruption. Sen. McCain suggested that conservatives have been over the years infected and infested with corruption so that the U.S. now needs a new broom.


In all truth, Sen. McCain isn’t wrong; many conservatives and nominal Christians in many countries around the world – not only in the U.S. – are through and through hypocritical and rotten. These so-called Christians pay lip-service to God and to His Lamb Jesus-Christ, but their hearts are far away from God Almighty.


To claim to be a Christian means to accept all commandments and teachings of the Bible. Someone who is a pro-lifer and at the same time disses and takes the name of God and Jesus-Christ in vain is a spiritually bankrupt person.


To be a Christian, means to shun killing, slandering, telling lies, maliciously distorting the utterances of others, cynically taking the words of others out of their original context, backbiting and biting fellow humans, who are the spitting image of God our Maker.  


The Bible teaches that selecting some commandments and quashing others squarely nullify the Christian status of the breaker of the biblical teachings. In this regard, the breaker of the biblical teachings is akin to a pagan and/or an unbeliever.


So a pro-life Christian who practices and enhances corruption, shady dealings, slander, lies, injustice, unrighteousness, segregation and cheating, is worse than a Pharisee – who were consummate hypocrites. The Lord Jesus explains in the Bible that if one´s righteousness doesn’t go beyond, rank and tower above the Pharisaic one, one can´t enter the Kingdom of God. So it stands to reason that a true and real Christian ought to be truthful and honest.


As a matter of course, Sen. McCain should have publicly told the American electorate the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth that he’s co-opting Sen. Obama’s manifesto. For instance, the idea of “change” is the Democratic Presidential Candidate’s motto. Many people here in Europe are flabbergasted at Sen. McCain’s sudden speechifying about “change” whereas Sen. Obama is the one they associate with that idea; they are aware of the fact that Sen. Obama is the one who’s been advocating, calling and pushing for the implementation of that thrust.


In addition, Sen. Obama’s been championing “direct diplomacy”, the fixing of the current U.S. economic difficulties, the tackling of health care and education problems, the eradication of corruption and all other inequalities.


Elsewhere, Sen. McCain declared recently that Sen. Obama “was wrong on Iraq” and on Iran, and that he “lacks the judgment” to lead the U.S. in a capacity as president. All political pundits, however, know that “good judgement” is Sen. Obama’s hallmark, while McCain´s always claimed to be more experienced. Now then, we know that “experience is understood perception.”


It ensues from this that Sen. Obama is the real, original inspirer, originator and enhancer of the primacy of “good judgement”, “direct diplomacy”, “focus on the issues” that matter and bulk large in the life and thoughts of the U.S. electorate, while Sen. McCain is emerging as a copycat and blithering cribber. The Democratic Presidential Candidate’s slogan and manifesto isn’t out of copyright yet.


Eventually, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Since it’s now plain as pikestaff that Sen. McCain is espousing Sen. Obama’s slogan and manifesto, and thus secretly regarding his rival as inspirer-in-chief, why doesn´t the Republican Presidential Candidate honestly, like and as any true Christian, call upon all American electors to cast their ballots for the Democratic Presidential Candidate come November?



Black Star News columnist Mathias V. Ntep is a PhD candidate at the University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

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