McKinney Boat Rammed By Israel Vessel

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[Global: Middle East]

An Israeli vessel early today intentionally rammed into a boat in which Green Party Presidential candidate and former Congresswoman from Georgia Cynthia McKinney was travelling, destroying the boat, according to a CNN reporter.

McKinney, the crew and other passengers were apparently not injured. The captain of the McKinney boat said the commander of the Israeli vessel said the boat would have been fired at had it continued towards Gaza, according to the CNN reporter.

McKinney was trying to deliver relief supplies to Gaza, which is currently enduring an attack by Israel's air force, in retaliation for rockets launched into Israel by Hamas.

The CNN reporter who was also on the McKinney boat told CNN in a live interview that the Israeli vessel rammed into their boat intentionally and that had the captain of the boat not managed to block a hole torn by the attack, the boat would have sunk to the bottom.

The CNN reporter also told the cable channel that the captain of the boat had already issued life vests and was getting ready to deploy life boats before the leak was brought under control. According to the CNN reporter, the captain of the boat also told him that had the boat continued to travel towards Gaza, the Israeli vessel would have shot at the boat. Referring to his conversation with the McKinney boat captain, the CNN reporter said the Israeli commander said the boat was on a "terrorism" mission.

Israel denies that the boat was intentionally rammed. McKinney has in the past denounced Israel's policy towards the Palestinians.

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