More Trade Is Key To Africa's Future

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[President Obama’s Africa Trip]

Following president Barack Obama’s Ghana visit, the African continent anticipates forging stronger partnerships with the United States through trade expansion.

On the global political scene, Africa needs to have a permanent representative on the United Nations Security Council for its voice to be heard and for the continent to contribute towards shaping world affairs.

Africa has more than one billion inhabitants and almost 60% of the population is 15 years of age and under. This next generation can only benefit from stronger economic ties with the U.S. that will lead to economic development.

Diaspora Africans can also make solid contributions.

The U.S. African Chamber of Commerce recently published the results of a survey it had commissioned, indicating that more needs to be done to tap the economic potential of African immigrants here.

Moreover, it's in the United States' interest to forge stronger links with the African continent since China has been very aggressive in locking up numerous lucrative contracts to rebuild Africa's infrastructure--roads, bridges, ports, and power grids.
China has also secured long-term energy supply deals.

The U.S. should effectively implement the African Growth Opportunity Act, which opens up the market for more imports from Africa. Growing economies in Africa also offer new markets for U.S. products.

President Obama also correctly called for African countries to do their own homework: In that regard, African countries must increase the level of trade between individual African countries and eventually set up a Trade Agreement with the United States that represents the entire continent.


Mohammed is President of the US - Africa Chamber of Commerce
The U.S. African Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocacy organization for U.S. African Relations and promotes Emerging Markets. It's an umbrella organization for African Chambers of Commerce and Professional Trade and Business Associations throughout the US and abroad.

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