Obama Victory Irks Some European Racists

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[Post Election 2008: European Racism]

Klaus Emmerich, a former correspondent of ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, which is a public-service company, in the U.S., now retired, said on November 4 and 5 that Americans "deserve to be currently going through a rough patch, for they impressively elected a Black man with a very beautiful Black woman to the White House".

This only confirms what one European journalist based in the U.S. had declared a couple of days earlier: "A Black man in the White House, that’s the nightmare of all racists."

Emmerich even added that Obama’s election "is an extremely disturbing development" because "Blacks are still backward in their political – educational development". He even went further, claiming that it "As though a Turk became Austrian federal chancellor." The topper was that Emmerich averred that he would not brook being "lead by a Black man in the Western world"

This remarks prompted the response of the U.S. president’s representative to Austria, Ambassador David F. Girard-diCarlo who condemned Emmerich. Ambassador Girard-diCarlo was flabbergasted by the "lack of indignation and condemnation on the part of Austrian public figures and organizations."

In fact, only the Austrian Greens cried out against the utterances of the former correspondent of ORF in the U.S. Ambassador Girard-diCarlo called upon the administrators and managers of the ORF to publicly distance themselves from the words of Emmerich. The ORF’s management claimed it did so and that it brought it to the knowledge of mainstream media in the U.S. Did mainstream media in the U.S. get wind of that scandal? Did they extensively report on that?

For somebody who is familiar with the perception of people of color, foreigners and migrants in Europe in general and in German-speaking countries in particular, these views are prevalent but oftentimes well dissembled. These opinions are rooted in prejudices that argue that people of color are inferior to the Nordic race, and have a lower Intelligence Quotient (IQ). That´s why world history is more often distorted and taught to the detriment of other people and especially people of color.

For instance, it’s been established that Ham was the ancestor of all Black-skinned folks and people of color. In all likelihood, Ham’s sons Cush, Mizraim, Put and Canaan represented the skin color diversity we notice today among people of color. World history, the scri ptures and theology teach us that Ham’s sons were the first to build up the first empires and kingdoms world-wide. The Bible says that the descendants of Ham "spread abroad in many lands and nations, with many languages." ( Genesis 10 : 20)

According to Genesis 10: 8 – 12, "Nimrod, one of the descendants of Cush … became the first of the kings. He was a mighty hunter, blessed of God, and his name became proverbial." It’s noteworthy that Nimrod was the founder of Mesopotamia, the present-day Irak; and Abraham, the man of God, was from Mesopotamia.

World history recorded that writing systems were first developed in ancient Egypt – the land of Ham and of Mizraim -- and in Mesopotamia – the land of Nimrod – about 3200 B.C.E.

Whenever this knowledge and these facts are brought up, racists and White supremacists once in a while get incensed and nervous because they sense that their fairy tales about people of color are exposed, their pitch’s have been queered and their gravy train and "house of cards" is taking a tumble. So they start fighting with tooth and nail to keep their nonfactual lies afloat.

Also, scores of White people relish believing that an average human of color does have a lower IQ than an average white. There’re even many White educational psychologists who still subscribe to that bias; they have never queried that prejudice. And yet, it’s been proven that IQ tests are contradictory and unreliable.

Joe R. Feagin demonstrated in the late 1980s that some IQ tests show that people of color do have a higher IQ than whites while other tests reveal that whites are better. Still other found that people from the Far East and Jews rank above common White people by way of intelligence. But Adolf Hitler, the initiator of Nazism, and his contemporary disciples keep brainwashing themselves into fancying that people of color, Jews and other races rank below the Nordic or "Aryan" race.

What German chancellor Hitler, his henchmen and his followers didn’t and don’t know—surely erring by confusion, is that Aryans were a people – not a Nordic race – who originated from present-day Iran and who moved, relocated and settled down in Northern India, establishing a Vedic religion that later on gradually became what is known today as Hinduism.

The educational psychologist Tuntufye S. Mwanwenda argues: "They are many reasons for low IQ scores, including deprived or different environments, economic suppression, social values, pressures, poor educational opportunities, lack of motivation and achievement needs, etc."

Moreover, this columnist watched a television program, many years back, in which a certain student was tested having a very high IQ, but the same student put up very poor performances at school.

Now then, we know in educational psychology that intelligence is the ability to have good judgement, sound and healthy reasoning; it´s the ability to draw upon one´s stock of knowledge in order to sort out problems, challenges and situations of the workaday world, of the professional realm and of the public life. It ensures from this that we can know, without the slightest doubt, who is intelligent and who´s not. In addition, we safely state that intelligence can be whetted and sharpened -- irrespective of the skin color of the fellow human; and this is the remit of education.

With the passing of time, the civilization of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia cloyed, waned and declined. As a matter of fact, civilizations come into being, grow, reach their zenith and are more often challenged by hostile powers.

Therefore, if the U.S. doesn´t wax this time around, forces that are – overtly, covertly or subtly -- taking on its global leadership, will at least weaken the Union.


Black Star News columnist Mathias Victorien Ntep is a PhD candidate at the University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

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