President Obama Endorse African Union's Libya Peace Plan

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Ahmed Bani, a spokesman for the so-called Libyan rebels "defense minister," provides a very interesting and revealing quote to a New York Times reporter in an article in today's Times, when asked why "rebel" officials were not more forthcoming with information about their investigation of the murder of Gen. Abdel Fattah Younes, the "rebel" military commander last Thursday by his own compatriots:

“We don’t know if anybody here is a fifth column...It is very difficult to determine who is with you and who is against you in a time of conflict, because you don’t necessarily have to hold a weapon. With a word or a rumor they can cause a lot of deaths.”

The Times' reporter David Kirkpatrick also writes, "Since Friday, rebel officials have been bluntly warning reporters that they could face legal action over what they write, and they have singled out certain journalists whose reports they called inaccurate and divisive, though they did not offer specifics."

The reporter writes of the "rebels" that their "leaders have taken an increasingly hostile and, some journalists said, threatening tone toward the news media."

Welcome to the real Benghazi. These are no "democrats"; an argument this newspaper has made in several dozen editorials over the past five months, once reports emerged about the groups that comprised the "movement"--the only thing uniting them was hatred of Muammar al-Quathafi.

The illusion of a Libyan Spring in Benghazi, created and abetted by selective coverage in major Western news media, in order to support the official Libya policy of Washington, London and Paris, lasted all of five months.

With the murder of Gen. Younes, some inconvenient truths about the "rebels" may now start emerging in these media very media outlets that have inexcusably covered up atrocities by the "rebels" -- including beheadings and lynchings of those suspected of loyalty to al-Quathafi or his captured soldiers; lynchings of immigrants from other countries and; ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans in Benghazi and in Misurata by the "rebels." The Misurata atrocities were reported by The Wall Street Journal on June 21 but has so far been ignored by other major news outlets, including The Times and CNN.

It's remarkable that individual reporters don't have the courage to reject the dictates and preferrances of their corporate owners and publishers to expose the atrocities they are aware of; they certainly have no reservations reporting on alleged atrocities by Libyan government forces.

Still, Libya can still be saved from further conflagration.

To begin with, under no circumstance should Washington release $30 billion in frozen Libyan assets to the "rebels" in Benghazi, whose fighters include suspected al-Qaeda as well as ex-Mujahedeen who fought in Afghanistan and were captured and imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay before being released, as documented in a Wall Street Journal report on April 2, 2011.

The United States should also immediately suspend or withdraw its recognition of the Benghazi "rebels" as the "legitimate" authority in Libya, otherwise the U.S. would implicitly be condoning: the past crimes; the recent crimes --such as the murder of Gen. Younes-- and the future crimes.

Finally, the U.S. should endorse the African Union peace proposal, supported by the entire continent and heavily pushed by South African President Jacob Zuma, who is repairing his country's mistake of having voted for U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, not knowing how Washington, London and Paris would abuse it.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should publicly endorse the African Union proposal --instead of arrogantly snubbing an entire continent and risking some erosion of votes from African Americans for President Obama's re-election bid, while wrongfully continuing to support Nicholas Sarkozy's and Bernard-Henri Levy's warmongering.

Domestic U.S. opposition continues to grow and on August 13, a major demonstration is planned in Harlem, starting at 10 AM, from 110 Street and Malcolm X Blvd. to protest the war. NOI Minister Louis Farrakhan is slated to speak.

This is the time for Secretary Clinton to travel to Africa to meet with President Jacob Zuma to elevate the African plan. Otherwise an emmisary such as Rep. Dennis Kucinich could be tasked with the mission. In an exclusive interview with The Black Star News, Rep. Kucinich previously said he would welcome such an assignment from President Obama.

President Obama should move quickly to end the Libya war and dedicate his energy to focusing on job creation in the United States and stamping down the unemployment rate before the summer of 2012.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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