Prosecute U.S. and NATO Says International Lawyers In Delegation to ICC

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[Global: International Criminal Court]

A Pan-African delegation led by the International Association Against Torture and the December 12th Movement International Secretariat will deliver on Monday June 18, a petition to the Hague, Netherlands demanding that the International Criminal Court prosecute the US, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and NATO for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This delegation maintains that the ICC has become another weapon in the Western countries' campaign to recolonize Africa and African people. There will be a press conference following the delivery of the petition on the steps of the ICC at 11:00 AM.

Human rights attorney Roger Wareham said: “The crimes we are charging them with were committed during: the NATO invasion of Libya and the overthrow and assassination of Libya's Col. Muammar Gaddafi; the US-led overthrow of Haiti's duly elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide in 2004; the French military intervention that resulted in the capture and arrest of President Laurent Gbagbo of the Ivory Coast; the institutional racism the US inflicts upon its Black population, particularly reflected in racial profiling, stop-and-frisk, and incarceration rates; the sanctions campaign designed to punish President Robert Mugabe for returning the land stolen by white settlers to the indigenous people of Zimbabwe.”

In the afternoon the delegation will hold a conference, "The ICC and the Task of Ending NATO's Immunity for War Crimes," at Erasmus University in the Hague. It will look at the institutional racist bias of the ICC – in its 10 years of existence the only cases being prosecuted are against Africans - and how participants can push forward the campaign to prosecute the NATO countries for their international crimes.

December 12th Movement Chairperson Viola Plummer said: "At the conference we will address the key role which the demand for reparations plays in our battle to defeat the Western campaign to recolonize Africa and Africans.”

In addition to Wareham, who is also International Secretary-General of International Association Against Torture, speakers at Erasmus University include: Minister Akbar Muhammad, International Affairs Specialist, Nation of Islam; David Comissiong attorney from Barbados, President of the Clement Payne Movement; Mireille Fanon-Mendes, of France, President Frantz Fanon Foundation Member of UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent; and, attorney Richard Harvey, of the U.K., International legal specialist member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers.

There will be a video presentation "ICC and Africa" by Dr. Molefi Asante.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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