Reaping What We Sow

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(America’s filthy hands helped overthrow Aristide)

Every time you think things just can’t get any worse, they do. And as our world gets smaller the greed of man becomes ever more destructive, threatening to annihilate the human species. Indeed, things now look extremely bleak.    

In the wake of the catastrophe and uncertainty brought on by 9-11 many Americans asked the question “why do they hate us?” Unfortunately, the ignorance of far too many Americans in understanding the history of intrusive imperial actions by their leaders into the sovereign affairs of others made the absurd reasoning that “they hate because of our freedoms” seem plausible. But if any American wants to know why “they” hate us all they have to do is look at the destruction this current crew of crooks now occupying the White House have wreaked upon our world.    

This “president” for sometime now has given lip-service to upholding democracy. In fact, planting the seeds of democracy isone of the excuses he used to argue in favor of his illegal war in Iraq since he couldn’t produce the weapons of mass destruction that he claimed Saddam surely had. But when one scrutinizes his conduct the fumes from his hypocrisy are nauseating. Let’s first take a look at Haiti. Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected by the masses of the poor and disaffected in Haiti. Yet, because Aristide had not only the gall to attempt to lift up those masses but demanded that France pay the Haitian people for their exploitation this was seen as unacceptable by France and America. Now why was it unacceptable toBush? Well, to understand why, let’s rewind to the pre-9-11 Durban Conference on race and reparations in South Africa for insight.    

From the very start, it was easy to see that the Bush Administration wanted no part of participating in this conference because America like the European colonial powers who have leeched off of Africa and Africans for years know that any strengthening of the reparation’s movement would signal an end to the hording of the gravy train. So what did Mr. Bush do with a wink and nod from France? Well, he deployed his in-house Uncle Colin Powell to denounce the conference. Yeah, gives real meaning to playing the race card doesn’t it?     

The reality is that for all the talk that western governments give regarding democracy, they refuse to seriously address the issue of economic inequality. For, what good is democracy if there is no equality economically or racially? But economic upliftment of the masses doesn’t fit into the program of capitalist greed. And this is the reason why Bush allowed armed assassins and thugs who we know have killed people, to terrorize Haiti, while forcing its president—who was elected twice by the Haitian people—into exile. One can rightly declare that, the American government overturned the democratic self-determination of the Haitian people’s vote. And in Venezuela a similar scenario played itself out.     

Because of the distortion that passes for news today, most Americans when they hear the name Hugo Chavez think dictator. However, the fact of the matter is that Mr. Chavez was elected (not selected like our president) by the Venezuelan people twice, garnering over sixty percent of the votes the second time! And yet, when a coup attempt was executed against the popular president our government which preaches incessantly about democracy gave their blessing to this outrage against the will of the Venezuelan people. What’s that about? Is this how they uphold and defend democratic principles? It is these very kinds of hypocritical inconsistencies that cause many to detest America. People aren’t blind they know bull when they hear, see, and smell it.    

And so now here we are faced with more madness and uncertainty. After murdering a thousand people in Lebanon, we now have a “cease fire.” Thank god for that. But, it would be foolish to think that the bloodshed in the region is finished. Because, let’s face it, the right-wing zealots in Israel have trampled on the democratic sovereignty of the Lebanese and the Palestinians. And our government approves of this behavior. Some would say they instigate it.    

And so why do they hate us? What is it that the song says “let me count the ways?” If we are honest with ourselves the inescapable conclusion we must accept is that something is very wrong and corrupt about America’s foreign policy. It’s a policy of greed that dehumanizes people for profits.    

And so why do “these” people hate America? Well, they hate America because American politicians protect and defend despots like the Saudi Royal Family and bullies like those now running Israel. They hate America because America’s corporate leeches suck the life out of people of modest means. They hate America because they see America as a symbol of injustice and oppression. And unless the American people reign in their leaders the hatred will increase and the flow of blood won’t cease.

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