Rev. Jackson, CBC, Celebrate Ghana

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Rev. Jesse Jackson, a top American Civil Rights campaigner, has advised Ghanaians as they celebrate 50 years of nationhood to remember those who had sacrificed for the country’s developmental growth and well-being.

He said that Ghanaian must be grateful for the sacrifice and work to enhance political stability, economic growth, pursue academic excellence and be a good peace keeper.

Rev. Jackson granted Daily Graphic an exclusive interview in Accra yesterday. He is part of a 22-member delegation from the USA comprising Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and their families who are in the country to partake in the 50th anniversary of Ghana's independence. The group is led by Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick from Michigan who is also the chair person of the US CBC.
Rev. Jackson who is head of the Rainbow Coalition said Ghanaians must always put the nation’s interest first. “It is good to have a good competitive democratic contest but the winner must be graceful and the loser must be respectful of the winner," he stated. He said that "we must let the healing of society begin to take care of the nation’s business of growth and development.”

Describing his visit to Ghana as "Home is Home", Rev. Jackson said that Ghanaians are very connected to "us in America and that Ghana's struggles for independence inspired us greatly as we also fought against segregation." He said Ghana landed a big blow against colonialism and we must all take pride in Ghana's democratic stability and successive elections on democratic basis.

He said that it was time to fight for economic security, attract more investment, and work to end poverty, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, guinea worms and malaria among others. He said that since these developmental challenges were not limited to one country alone, it needed collaborative efforts.
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