The Murder Most Foul

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[London Bride Is Falling Down]

Sweet Mother
Mother, giver of life,
Protector of life
Giver of love unconditional,
At the ready with a smile and a hug
With words that soothe and comfort,
And judicious in her discipline
Mother, giver of strength and wisdom,
The bond between mother and child shall never be broken
Not in life or death,
Mother, fountain of life

The ultimate revenge that can be exacted on a mother is the hellish grief inflicted upon her by the killing of her child at the hands of the father or step-father.

There are several possible motives for this bloodcurdling act of betrayal: failed business, control, insanity and sexual jealousy.

Sexual jealousy is a more common motive, fuelled by a wife being unfaithful, seeking separation or divorce. The culprit knows that the mother will suffer no greater pain that this vengeful act of filicide.

This act is intended to severely punish the mother, deprive her of that which she loves the most, that which will forever remain indelible in her heart and mind. The suffering would be unimaginable. Society will recoil at such a tragedy and it is more worrying that experts state nearly all such killings are premeditated.

It is appalling, baffling and inconceivable that a father should intentionally kill his child, when a parent is supposed to lay down his or her life to protect their child. Imagine the look of confusion on the faces of the innocents, where the killing is violent and it dawns on them that their life is coming to an end at the hands of their own father.

Such killing is usually methodically planned rather than where a father has lost control and in a moment of rage commits an heinous and regrettable act.

In the United Kingdom, statistics show that children are more likely to be killed at the hands of a parent than a stranger. On June 17, 2008, Times Online reported that a man named Brian Philcox killed his two young children, Amy seven, and Owen three, on Father’s Day weekend. The children had reportedly been excited about spending Father's Day with him and had taken with them homemade cards.

Philcox carried out his plan to die with his children after becoming distressed and depressed due to the estrangement with his wife. It was reported that he used chloroform and a sleeping drug to sedate the children before connecting a vacuum hose to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe to kill them in North Wales.

More recently, it was reported in a London newspaper, Metro, that a father made a farewell video of his two children before strangling them in a "spiteful reaction" to the breakdown of his marriage. Petros Williams, urged his four year old daughter Yolanda and two year old son Theo to say goodbye to their mother in the home movie. The tape was labelled "Daddy, Yolly, Theo. Bye The End," with a note attached which read:"Play the video, made for your memories, thank you, Petros."

The video was found at Williams’ flat, where his wife, Morongoe Molemohi, discovered the bodies of her children. Zimbabwe born Williams was said to be jealous that his wife had started to meet other men through Internet dating websites.

In both Philcox and Williams case, they killed their children because they blamed the mothers and killing the children is the only way they could "get even" with her. It is a terrifying and heart wrenching state of affairs, that a man would be so engulfed in such bitterness, anger and intense desire to punish by way of filicide.

The line between love and hate irrevocably blurred.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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