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Wakeup Call is hosted by Deepa Fernandes (Mon-Thurs) and Mario Murillo (Fri).

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As always, this week from 6am-9am, Mon-Fri, the Wakeup Call team on WBAI 99.5 FM
brings you an exciting week of programming, unique mix of culture and politics, local to international stories that you find nowhere else.

Highlights this week: Special Series, What Veterans Face on Coming Home. Monday: Ricky Singh of Black Veterans for Social Justice.  Tuesday: Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Wednesday: Herold Noel, Iraq War Veteran who returned to live in his car.

New Orleans Public Housing Residents Fight for their Homes. We hear from one public housing resident, who last week met with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and this week is leading a residents' reoccupation of their homes in the Magnolia housing development.
As free trade talks take place in Washington, DC, we talk to labor organizers from Korea, Colombia, and the US. Chinese President Hu Jintao's finished his eight-nation African tour to promote China's growing investment in the continent. We'll take a look at China's relationship with several African countries and what it means for the

On Monday, Palestinian legislator Dr. Mustafa Barghout will joins us as we dive into what the agreement made between Hamas and Fatah really means. In our Valentines Day special, find out what means the world to students at a
local high school, and explore Love Under Apartheid, a film on marriages between
Palestinians and Israelis.

Find out what the top 20 most threatened bird habitats in the U.S.

On Wednesday, we'll speak to Weather Underground member, Bernadine Dohrn.
Brooklyn's 140-acre Starrett City complex sold for $1.3 billion; we look at the politicians fighting the sale, and the 12,000 residents facing an uncertain future.

A new piece of legislation hit Capitol Hill late last week that would make it easier for U.S. workers to form unions. We'll give you details on the bill.

The Rwandan government is set to release 8,000 Rwandan Genocide Suspects on February 19. We'll take a look at this attempt to promote reconciliation and decongest its overcrowded prisons.

Listen to the arguments being made as the mandatory HPV vaccine debate heats up. Plus all the regular coverage: High school students, facilitated by the Seven Stories Institute and Radio Rootz with short dramatic readings from Howard Zinn & Anthony Arnove's "Voices of a People's  History of the United States".  Our regular sports & social justice update from Dave Zirin.

Plus our regular regional reports from Westchester, NJ, Connecticut & Long Island. And all the latest breaking news, sports, traffic & weather throughout the morning.

Wakeup Call is produced by Sharan Harper, Errol Maitland, Kat Aaron, Selina
Musuta, Mitch Jeserich, Sylvia Guerrero & Samori Benjamin. Production assistance from: Kami Rivera, Abdulai Bah, Robby Karran and  James Williams.

Music Editors: Jay Smooth, Kody Emmanuel, Matt Rogers & Mike Walsh.
Website Editor: Arturo Contreras.


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