Uganda: Al Qaeda "Smear"?

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Ugandan Member of Parliament Hussein Kyanjo (MP for Makindye West) says the Ugandan government has been spreading false rumors that he has ties to terror group al Qaeda. In an interview with The Black Star News he says the government is trying to curry cheap favor with the United States. He adds that he has good relations with the United States embassy in Kampala and that the slur won’t work. A spokesperson for the U.S. embassy said she would “look at the allegations” but added that “at this stage the issue is between him and his government.” Kyanjo spoke by phone with Norman S. Miwambo:

What is your comment about the regime linking you to a terrorist organization such Al Qaeda?
Kyanjo: First of all I think there is a tragic trend in the world where elimination of terrorism is going to be exceedingly difficult because it has been hijacked by fascist dictators all over the world by using it to protect their acts of corruption, nepotism, money laundering and most of all the gripping onto state power.

How would you describe a person, the architect of such allegations?
Kyanjo: What I describe as monarchical Republicanism.

What could have been the motive for such people?
Kyanjo: The architects of course are aiming at attracting attention mostly of the U.S. against my person and I intend not to be deterred by this unprofessional talk from defending general human rights and most specifically the people of my Kingdom amongst whom are those who elected me to parliament.

What are your plans to counter such serious allegations?
Kyanjo: I’m happy that this has come out and I expect those who are concerned with international investigations to take interest in it where I would be more than pleased to share my part of experience.

Have you discussed such allegation with the Speaker of Parliament?
Kyanjo: I don’t intend to put this matter to the speaker because he can’t act on a news paper report that has not been supported by the complainant, in this case government……

The help I would need is that of investigators whom I trust are more professional. I’m planning to instead approach the US embassy in Kampala with which I have had good relationship for the last 12 years. I’m sure they will be interested in the subject.

Are you safe?
Kyanjo: You ask about my life….. every life is in the middle of safety and danger, the difference with me is that I took an oath to serve my people guided by the truth.

Won’t this force you to refrain from what you have been doing?
Kyanjo: It is therefore safer for me to stick to the truth rather than attempting to lie as a way of living longer by avoiding my enemies. …I’m a mature individual who chose to belong to the opposition in the face of overwhelming benefits that reside on the government side.

What is this to the masses and common man you represent?
Kyanjo: Sign of intimidation and trying to divert us from what we were sent to do. I will keep on serving the interest of my constituency, kingdom and my country….

My last word is that my government was indirectly taken over by international con-men who invest a lot of time discovering international trends especially those that are highly sponsored by big powers and they use this to play politics.


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