Uganda: LRA Claims Attacks By Uganda Army

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[International: Uganda Peace Talks Collapse?]

Editor’s Note:
The Cessation of Hostilities agreement, part of the so-called Juba Peace Talks, between the Ugandan government and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has collapsed with the announcement this week by a Ugandan army (UPDF) spokesman that military engagement would resume; and in recent weeks the rebel leader Joseph Kony reportedly announced that he would rather fight to the death than surrender to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which has indicted five LRA commanders including Kony. The rebel leader didn’t show up in April at what was supposed to have been a ceremony to sign a final peace agreement. There have been no independent reports about any military engagement between the two sides. Following is a statement released by the LRA spokesman Alex Oloya.




The LRA condemns without reservation it deserves, the unprovoked military attack by UPDF on Tuesday 27 may 2008 as unfortunate. Several units and elements of UPDF were put out of action. Our position is to observe and not to engage; we continue to uphold the agreement of cessation of hostilities.

The people of the world at large are shocked by the declaration of war from Uganda and United Nations (monuc), against our determination to seek peaceful means to end the ongoing conflict. It’s very unfortunate that UN whose role is to bring peace amongst nations is advocating and colluding with a genocide government of Uganda to alienate Acholi.

This is the same organization that failed in its capacity to protect and prevent genocide in Rwanda; their inaction led to well over 2 million people killed. These weren’t enough lessons; they watched 5 million Congolese perish at the hands of Museveni, but still kept silent and are never disturbed by the clear facts and evidences that have been investigated. It covers the genocide committed by UPDF against the people of Rwanda, DRC and Northern Uganda and blocks any say.

Today it’s the same organization whose peace keepers are involved in sexual acts that have been condemned world wide. Is this organization able to protect the people of Acholi from being killed by Uganda army or probably its better for them to defend themselves.

Ugandans are forced into concentration camps and are being systematically destroyed; physically, culturally, and economically.

The very existence of Acholi is dying. What shall the Donor states say when their aid to Museveni have exterminated Acholi people? We call upon the international community and Juba Peace Talk donors to condemn these actions in the strongest terms it deserves.




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