Ugandan Attacks Tyranny

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(Museveni, right...pressure from all sides)

A Ugandan exile and former officer in the country’s military has lashed out at African autocrats at a major European conference.

Col. Samson Mande discharged fire against regimes for violating the human rights of their respective citizens and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in particular.

“Its my opportunity to make and appeal for the suffering of masses in the northern Uganda therefore, I urge the world to move swiftly and aid the peace talks in Juba before they become another peace jokes as has been all the previous peace talks attempts since the 1985 peace jokes in Nairobi between the late Tito Okellos and General Museveni,� he said, in a speech July 12, at the World Tour for the Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) in Vienna. He was referring to previous failed attempts at peace in Uganda.

He a serving officer in the NRA/UPDF, Uganda’s army, until he fled in 2001. He temporarily stayed in Rwanda before he was in 2003 relocated to Sweden along with Col. Edison Muzoora, Lt. Col. Anthony Kyakabale and others who were accused by the Kampala regime of being architects of the mysterious People’s Redemption Army (PRA). Uganda accuses the group of wanting to overthrow Museveni.

Though, the group of former UPDF officers claims that they have never shot a single bullet at any Ugandan, the Kampala regime has since detained many people in jail and they face treason charges before the High Court. A leading opposition political figure, retired Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, who heads the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and 22 others are still tussling out in the High Court on similar allegations.

In his speech Col. Mande listed a host of reasons for underdevelopment in Africa and other less developed countries, including: effects of slavery; colonialism; dictatorships; bad governance; disrespect for human rights, condoned by the west; unfair economic and development partnerships; unfair trade arrangements the subsidies that the farmers in the developed countries enjoy while denying them the developing countries; tariff barrier of commodities into the Western markets; and, the environmental degradation, causing influx of asylum seekers, refugees and terrorism.

Col. Mande also delivered the key note address on the Rights to Asylum seekers. “There should be zero tolerance to dictatorships, oppressive regimes, corrupt regimes, tyrannical ones which do not respect human rights,� Col. Mande declared.

The conference was attended by several hundreds of people who included high powered government officials, ambassadors representing different countries, heads of permanent missions to the UN from different nations.

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