White Liberals And Racism

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[U.S. Elections: Commentary]

The immortal Steve Biko of South Africa, in some of his writings made insightful comments about white liberals and why they are the most dangerous breed.

He noted that the white liberal, on the surface appears, to support Black folk’s causes but that when pushed to the corner that he or she would exhibit the worst racist traits. If in doubt see what Hilary Clinton did over the last few weeks.

When it seemed that she was losing to Barack Obama her liberalism was shoved aside and, through her surrogates, she appealed to white folks fears about Black folk. First, she suggested that Obama was a drug user—as in, you know all Blacks are addicted to drugs—then that he is a Muslim (meaning that he is un-American) and a potential terrorist, then that he is inexperienced, as in Black folks seek work that they are not qualified for, affirmative action bugaboo, you know.

One has a hard time figuring out how well experienced Hillary is; her only experience is six years in the legislative branch of government; Obama has 10 years experience in the legislature (eight at the state level and two at the federal level).

I do not think that Hilary is more experienced than Obama;  see, she headed the 1993  effort to provide folk with health insurance and devised a boondoggle that even a fool would reject it.

The point here is that when her back was against the wall Hillary the great mama liberal appealed to racism. White liberals, as Steve Biko correctly observed, like to be in power and from there give handouts to Blacks but do not like Blacks to compete with them or be on the same footing as them.

That is the way racism works. White liberals are racists who merely hide their racism. White conservatives who do not hide their doubts about Black folk’s abilities seem more honest, and that is why I prefer the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

I think that white liberals are sham. If Hillary Clinton wins the best post she would give to Blacks is Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or Health and Human Services Secretary. But Republicans have given Blacks posts with gravitas, such as Secretary of State. I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.


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