Why The United States UsesTorture

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Much ado has been made about the necessity of torture to ferret out information about our enemies. 

Torture is a necessity for the intelligence services of the United States.

Now many readers may take umbrage at my statement that torture is a necessity and not a luxury.  In reality these readers are living in a dream world of James Bond exploits, while our intelligence services for which we spend tens of billions of dollars are grounded in reality.

The astute reader might question the value of expending tens of billions of dollars on intelligence gathering, when the intelligence services failed to learn of the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and then in 2001 the crashing of planes into the World Trade Center.

This is a valid point and suggests that the money spent on intelligence gathering might be better spent on slot machines. But this is a specious claim.  And it is here that I must demonstrate the validity of spending billions on intelligence. 

In 2000 and 2001 whenever I took the Q58 bus from Elmhurst to Flushing, the terminus of the bus would be near an unusual basement office.  This basement office had an unusual name. There was a sign on the basement window that read, “Taliban Mission to the United Nations.” 

Now the only country to recognize the Taliban was our good ally Pakistan, so it was not the real mission to the United Nations.  But it was located in Flushing in a decidedly non-Muslim neighborhood, surrounded by stores selling roast pig.

Then in, I believe in July 2001, I noticed a “For Rent” sign on the basement office. The Taliban had left. I wondered why the Taliban had left.  Of course on 9-11, I figured out why they had left-as did the world.

But where were the CIA and the FBI? 

America spent billions of dollars on intelligence. There were sections of the CIA and FBI investigating Al Qaeda and Bin Laden.  The CIA and the FBI knew that Osama bin Laden had vowed to attack the United States. Everybody knew that. Bin Laden had already been blamed for the bombing of the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

Then there was the bombing of the destroyer, the USS Cole, which had been attributed to Bin Laden. Where was Bin Laden?  Well, Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, the land of the Taliban. 

And here were the Taliban operating openly in New York City. 

Now with tens of billions of dollars spent on intelligence gathering, the CIA and FBI still did not know that two planes would be flying into the World Trade Center.

The CIA and FBI never expected that the abrupt departure of the Taliban from its home in Flushing, New York City might have some significance.  What crossed the fecund minds of the CIA and FBI- that the Taliban were repulsed by seeing whole roasted pigs hanging on a hook- so the Taliban left New York.

That is why the CIA and FBI need torture.  They can’t figure out things. The CIA and FBI are too stupid to have any idea that planes would fly into the World Trade Center.  Even after Zacarias Moussaoui had been arrested in August 2001 while he was at a flying school in an attempt to learn to pilot a plane, the CIA and FBI had no knowledge of the plot to hijack planes and crash the planes into the World Trade Center.

The supervisory personnel of the FBI refused to give FBI Agents permission to access Moussaoui’s computer.  This, after Moussaoui demonstrated that he possessed as much ability as I do to pilot a plane- absolutely none.

That is why the United States needs torture.  The CIA and FBI are too incompetent to learn anything about attacks on America without torture- and need torture after the evil has been completed to learn the identities of the plotters. Unfortunately it will be too late to do the innocent victims of terror any good.

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