Celebrating 21 Years – How Paul Kraus Survived Mesothelioma

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Mesothelioma is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer around, with less than 10% of people surviving for longer than a couple of years. Paul Kraus has managed to survive for 21 years with the disease. Although there’s no cure for the disease, it can be managed, and you can still enjoy a good quality of life in the process. His site Surviving Mesothelioma offers in depth resources about the disease as well as documenting how he beat it. Let’s look at mesothelioma and how Paul has survived for so long.

The Ticking Time Bomb of Mesothelioma: Mesothelioma is primarily caused by exposure to asbestos. Even a single incident of exposure can eventually lead to mesothelioma later in life. And it’s not just ordinary manual laborers who are at risk. Schoolteachers, for example, are twice as likely to die from mesothelioma than the rest of the population. Asbestos used to be used in the ceilings of classrooms. The problem with mesothelioma is that the asbestos doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms immediately. It has a latency period that could take up to 40 years for the resulting mesothelioma to develop, so there’s a potential ticking time bomb when it comes to this form of cancer. Paul was one of those unfortunate people diagnosed with the disease many years after exposure.

How Paul Reacted to his Diagnosis: Most mesothelioma sufferers only have months to live. It was the same for Paul. Unfortunately, traditional treatment paths have been proven to be unsuitable for many mesothelioma sufferers. Their cancer simply spreads too quickly for much to be done about it. But Paul reacted fast and immediately started to investigate alternative therapies, in collaboration with his doctor. He discovered treatments like Vitamin C therapy, as well as how his lifestyle choices can have an impact on his body’s ability to battle cancer cells. The lesson here is to be proactive about your cancer treatment.

Why What You Eat Makes a Huge Difference: New research into cancer fighting superfoods has shown that specific foods don’t just empower your body to fight off cancer cell growth, they kill cancer cells directly. Leafy greens, for example, are known to contain compounds that kill cancer cells. These are the types of foods that Paul began to incorporate into his diet. He also chose foods that were high in antioxidants, while going out of his way to make sure that he avoided things like alcohol and fried foods.

A Focus on Mental Health: Paul is also a huge proponent of strategies that improve mental health. Keeping a positive frame of mind puts less stress on the body and allows you to fully focus on your treatment plan. Therefore, Paul’s key to surviving mesothelioma is to regularly indulge in gentle yoga and meditation. These practices help prevent depression and promote healing.

Last Word – You Can Do It Too: Paul is not special. Other mesothelioma sufferers can achieve similar results by simply following the beliefs of healthy eating, healthy living, and a positive frame of mind. Work with your doctor and see what you can achieve!

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