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Toby Rogers' mom Signe Rogers with his daughter Lena.

Happy 75th Birthday to the best mom in the world.

Smart, beautiful, truly an outstanding ER nurse, NASCAR-fast-ambulance-driver, a master chef and most of all, the "mother of all" moms. I hope you enjoy this amazing milestone today.

Its hard to believe, but 40 years ago-1977- the Village of Scarsdale, New York, balked at the sight of a woman (the first) jogging around town every morning.

Instead of caving into petty, bourgeoisie-group-think, you kept running and won several Scarsdale marathons and even ran once in the New York Marathon. While other moms knitted doilies, you saved lives everyday in the ER.

Yet, on this day, it is safe to say you have hit your high water mark so far.

Toby Rogers is a Black Star News writer. His book was a source for The Black Star News story about Jimmy Breslin possibly being tipped off by NYPD about Malcolm X's assassination.


This is his tribute to his mom.

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