Is Toxic Ambition Destroying Black Love?


Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the impact of toxic ambition on black relationships in the 21st century with relationship expert Zo Williams. The two look at the impact of technology and wealth calcification on the projections of black love.

1) What is Toxic Ambition? And how has it ran out of control on our relationships?

2) Is the race to show instagram pictures of your love life and creating relationship toxicity? We get it you love them, but what else? Or should we say we get it you love the part of them that makes you feel like your achieving ambitious goals that far too often lead to nowhere.... # Bonus: How many pictures can you post weekly of you standing by yourself on Instagram before you realize your ego might be toxic to intimate relationship?

3) If the bottom 80 percent of black families are living on a quarter percent of all American wealth, and the middle black family is worth $1700 without depreciating assets is there any financial justification for toxic ambition, or is it all a mirror of hip hop and the nineties? Is this why so many young blacks are divorced?

4) Do Toxic Ambition and Social Blindness go hand and hand? If so how do they create relationship chaos.

5) Is empire talk real love or is it just a form of loving your own ego as reflected off someone else? The moment they don’t reflect that you done and moving onward.

6) What is a solution to toxic ambition? Is there a healthy relationship form that isn’t toxic. One without million dollar goals, vacation pictures or Instagram date photos posted like jewelry?

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