Get the F Outta Here!-NYC Clean Energy Turns it Up

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[Photo depicts Juan Carlos Pinto's interpretation of The King of Pop, completely made out of Metrocards.]


There was a wonderfully artistic event last month held at the GreenSpaces Loft in China Town, NYC on Tuesday evening October 22nd. NYC Clean Energy, a New York City based, green energy start-up recently launched their Clean Movement awareness campaign to get more New Yorkers to make the simple switch to clean energy. Ed Emrich was a featured artist, along with Juan Carlos Pinto, who creates from urban garbage: discarded Metrocards and NYC metro maps. There was one piece that depicted Biggie Smalls, where he used only Brooklyn maps to create the background.

Another piece that caught my eye was a lion made completely out of tiny circles created with a hole puncher... my college art teacher called stuff like that "insanity." Hundreds of carefully laid out little dots to create a bigger picture when you look at it from a broader perspective? Hmm, sounds like Life. And so it makes sense that art imitates it.

Among the other main attractions there at what felt like a type of World Fair, was a blender bike (that calories you burn takes the guilt away from drinking) that every bachelor pad and artist’s haven space should have.

The viral video created by NYC Clean Energy and screened that night was was cheeky and funny, (“Get the F[ossil fuels] outta here!”)...and the Founder of NYC Clean Energy, Gene Rachmansky, made a good point. Clean energy might be serious business, "but the presentation of an idea doesn't have to be." So they took the road of humor and it's probably going to make waves.

I could see that the company was catering to a young crowd which makes sense. We are going to be the ones to take over this movement while its hip and cool before we are forced to do it out of necessity, because we have used up everything and the only art materials left are used up metrocards.

DJ Euphona spun my song at request…a dance version of ”Missing” (like the deserts miss the rain…) and before we use up all the good water too...we had better jump on that young and hip bandwagon and start taking advantage of alternative and fun ways to make our planet greener, cleaner, and a better place to live.




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