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(Dr. Williams, shown right, promotes healthy living)

Dr. E. Faye Williams is often referred to as one of the most influential African American women in the United States. This history maker, author, entrepreneur, lawyer, National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW), and Chief of Staff to Councilman Marion Barry is also a humble woman who believes a life of service is the best contribution one can make in life.

An astute business woman, Dr. Williams manufacturers and distributes the products of Dr. George Washington Carver through her company Natural Health Options. Like Dick Gregory with whom she has had a long association, Dr. Williams is a proponent of natural health products. She encourages African Americans to stay away from chemicals and make natural health choices. “While serving as Co-Chair for the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., I met a man that had worked on one of Dr. George Washington Carver’s formulas� explained the hard working health proponent and lecturer. “This formula was highly effective for arthritis, rheumatism and many other aches and pains. It piqued my interest so I ultimately earned the rights to market the product exclusively. Eventually, I formed my business Natural Health Options after becoming sole owner of Carver’s formulas. I not only manufacture and distribute the products but aid others in forming their own businesses by selling the products.�

One of the more popular products her company sells is the George Washington Carver Rubbing Oil. “It improves the circulation.  Simply rub the peanut oil wherever there is a problem. We have had a lot of  positive testimonies concerning its use for gout, menstrual cramps, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, soft corns and calluses, aching joints, eczema, tooth ache, back ache, psoriasis, shingles, sinus congestion, carpel tunnel syndrome, stress relief and more,â€? claims the Ph.D.

Carver’s work with flowers, peanuts, and sweet potatoes was extensive. He had over 300 inventions from the peanut and over 100 from the sweet potato. Dr. Austin Curtis continued Dr. Carver’s work after Carver’s death and until his own death last year. “Our Sage and Sulfur product has been instrumental in hair growth. We have a system called Ek’Selant Thermal Lotion which is a natural hair straightner. We have a product called Pro Argi 9 which is effective in preventing heart attack and stroke. We sell Immpower a product that strengthens the immune system to help fight cancer and other ailments� said the history maker. To order her product go to
www.EFayeWilliams.com and click on Carver Curtis or call toll free: 866-313-8552 between 12-5 p.m. M-F.

Dr. Williams was inducted into HistoryMakers, an organization founded by lawyer Julieanna L. Richardson to pay tribute to and tape an oral and visual record of African Americans working on behalf of their communities. Richardson inducted Dr. Williams for being the first African American woman to run a campaign in Louisiana for the United States Congress. Mysteriously Dr. Williams lost, although she initially won. After a recount was demanded, its result gave her a loss of 6/10th of 1%. She is now referred to fondly as Louisiana’s Congresswoman in exile. 

A holder of 5 degrees, Dr. Williams attended Grambling University, UCLA, the University of Southern California (where she earned a Masters in Public Administration), Howard University—earning a Jurist Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy and also a Doctor of Ministry at Wesley Theological Seminary.  Presently, the National Chairwoman for the National Congress of Black Women, she inherited the position from Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first national chair and Dr. C. Delores Tucker, the second to hold the title. The National Congress of Black Women organization works to elect individuals to political office and to aid families in need. “We have a College for Kids Program which introduces kids to cultural events, businesses, college campuses, court houses, and even jail cells. We serve as role models. We also have a College for Teens program that helps children develop test taking skills, etc.â€? 

Author of, “The Peace Terrorists� her book documenting her Middle East peace mission with 200 women before the Gulf War, describes how UN soldiers seized their boat, and held the women at gunpoint for 20 days. “Sadly, most of the soldiers were Americans. One soldier tearfully explained he was only following orders when asked why he was pushing us around. He claimed he didn’t want to do it� recalls Dr. Williams. “We feared for our lives so can you imagine the fear the Iraqis are feeling? These people didn’t do anything to us. When I was there in 1992, before the Gulf War, many of the women were highly educated and ran institutions in Iraq. They were just as moderate and sophisticated as Americans. Yet, you won’t hear about that on TV. Just because a culture is different doesn’t mean it’s bad. I grieve for the U.S., soldiers, too. They are losing their lives, jobs, and homes. Even their families aren’t receiving the monies they are supposed to get. What are we fighting for? Let America first rid itself of poverty, poor health care systems, and all the things wrong with America, before we tell another country to democratize. Those who are sending our kids to war are getting richer daily.�

Former counsel to California Congressman Mervyn Dymally, Dr. Williams serves as Chief of Staff to Councilman Marion Barry who recently celebrated his 70th birthday. “Mr. Barry is a man devoted to his community and is always lending a helping hand. Although he has experienced negative publicity, it has never been because he has hurt anyone other than himself, so we seek to promote the positive part of his legacy� stated Williams who is currently accepting membership for The National Congress of Black Women organization. Interested parties can call 301-562-8000.
Dr. E. Faye Williams has experienced the tribulations of life, yet keeps an energetic and positive spirit.  “If I had to live life all over again, I would live it with all its struggles and difficulties because despite everything, it’s been a life well worth the livingâ€? said Williams.

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