Fighting Juvenile Diabetes

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New Yorkers should applaud Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Charles Rangel for the recent work they have done in Congress by giving hope to millions of Americans, such as me, who have Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

When I was first diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes fifteen years ago, I felt isolated, as if I were the only one suffering from this condition.  However, I now know that this is not the case, as a staggering 24 million Americans are dealing with the challenges of diabetes and its complications on a daily basis, including more than one million people along living in New York.

I have, fortunately, learned to manage this disease thanks to all the new technology that is available today. 

However, what Americans like me need is a cure.  I am confident that the research being conducted on diabetes will get us there.  Thankfully, Americans who suffer from diabetes and its myriad complications have true champions in Congress in Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Charles Rangel.  Both of them worked tirelessly to secure a multi-year renewal for the Special Diabetes Program, which provides an additional $300 million over two years for Type 1 diabetes research. 

Americans like me are today so very grateful to Senator Schumer and Representative Rangel for their support in renewing this essential program. 

Their work gives real hope to so many.  Senator Schumer and Representative Rangel: many thanks.


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