Fish And Mortality Rates

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Living a longer and healthier life may be easier than you think. This is especially true when it comes to deciding what to eat each when preparing the grocery list. One choice is very clear, according to Salmon of the Americas ( president Rafael Puga.

“Recent research has shown that seafood is the single most important food a person can consume for good health,” says Puga. “It’s high in protein, low in fat, and contains a large number of vitamins and minerals.”

The research that Puga refers to comes at a good time for the seafood industry.  A recent report from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), released research in October of 2006 reporting seafood to be not only a healthy food choice for all individuals, but a method of reducing total mortality risks as well. Similar findings showing the health benefits of seafood were released in a report by the Harvard School of Public Health.

“The JAMA reported that fish and fish oils can reduce the risk of mortality by 17 percent,” states Puga. “Farmed Salmon is a huge part of that because of its availability and popularity.” Salmon, in particular, has been a dietary staple of health-conscious individuals for years because of its high concentration of omega-3 oils. Similar to other types of seafood, it’s also low in fat, contains high amounts of protein, and possesses a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Because of salmon’s nutritional benefits, the JAMA report announced that it has the ability to cut the risk of coronary heart disease by 36 percent. As for previously reported risks, Puga states that the truth has been lost in media hype.

“The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies suggested that salmon is beneficial when consumed once or twice a week. Their advice runs across the board -- pregnant women, children, elderly -- salmon is beneficial to everybody,” says Puga.

The Institute of Medicine also released information in the same report that salmon might be more than beneficial to pregnant mothers; the health effects can affect future infants as well. Their report showed that farmed salmon had the highest concentration of healthy omega-3 fatty acids when compared to other types of seafood. Improved cognitive and developmental functions are said to be an offspring of seafood consumption of all types. It’s a fact that Puga and others in the seafood industry see as a stepping-stone to greater public awareness of the effects food in general can have on health.

“Farmed Salmon is a prime example of an inexpensive, everyday choice for heath conscious consumers,” he adds. “And besides all of the health benefits –it tastes great!” 


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