Fruit Drink Distributor Sings Praises Of Brazilian Berry

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Wesley Gray, who is chronologically 61 years old, says he feels biologically 10 to 15 years  younger. He credits his fitness and health to having been a vegetarian for  over 12 years and having run 13 New York City marathons--he is currently  training for # 14.

Gray also credits his vibrancy to Fruta Vida, a fruit drink containing the Brazilian Amazon rain forest berry, acai, that has  exploded in popularity across this country. "Acai has been used by Brazilian  Amazon natives to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce body  weight and help build up the immune system among others," Gray says. "Oprah  Winfrey, the popular tv talk show host, has spoken highly about the Brazilian Amazon rain forest fruit when she featured several Brazilian doctors in  her TV show."

Matt Lauer's show on NBC TV also spoke favorably of the acai  fruit juice in his "Today" show, Gray says. His website,, shows a streaming video of him in the  Amazon with the indigenous people harvesting the acai fruit. The fruit juice  is similar to the Noni juice of Hawaii, Gray says. It is manufactured by  Fruta Vida International, Inc. of Dallas,Texas. "We all have heard of the  latest findings that blueberries or grapes that contain Anthocyanins, which  are the purple pigments that give acai fruits, red grape skins and other dark  berries their rich color," Gray says. "These phytonnutrients have successfully  been used to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions, including high  cholesterol, diabetic retinopahty, cataracts, glaucoma, and varicose veins,  Anthocyanins also protect artery walls from the damage that can lead to  plaque buildup and heart disease."

According to Gray, the latest research  shows that anthocyanins do a better job of protecting arteries than vitamins  C and E. "So rather than purchase wine or other expensive alcohol related  products that recently have been raved about as having similar medicinal  benefits, never the less, you definitely would not want to give it to  children, why not consume Fruta Vida and generate a income as well," he  says.

"Along with the antioxidant properties of  Acai, which improves skin tone for a youthful, healthier-looking skin. Healthier  eyes and resistance to colds/flu, the juice also contains Cupuacu,  which is a member of the chocolate family which provides an increased ability to  fight disease, increased libido and stamina and Yerba Mate' which offer more  energy and vitality, increased fat burning and weight loss and mental  awareness" he says.

The cost to become  a distributor is only $48, Gray says. Distributors receive one 30-oz. bottle  upon signing up. Distributors only have to order one bottle per month to earn  commissions on their downline of distributors. "What also makes this a unique  opportunity is that there is a full money back
guarantee," he says. "You can  send a empty bottle back for a full refund if you are satisfied with the  results. One receives a fully functional free web site. No required  meetings, manuals to purchase."

Gray is a member of the New York Road Runners  Foundation for Kids and has coached children in the Brooklyn New York Housing  development projects. Gray has began talks with a group of African American  businessmen and educators in New York to also introduce the Brazilian fruit  juice to the various community Public housing developments so that children  as well as the adults who have obesity related health issues can benefit from  the Acai based product.

Gray believes that people within the community can  benefit by distributing Fruta Vida to become economically empowered and to  purchase medication they may need for various illnesses and and also to  upgrade their housing and quality of life.

Since joining  FrutaVida Inc. Gray says he's sponsored other distributors including business  owners and individuals from the Haitian and Philippine communities, such as  Jean Rameau President of Diaspo Television and Manny Quisimbing of Jersey  City, New Jersey, owner and Editor in Chief of The Filipino-Asian  Bulletin.  Gray himself is  is also Vice President of Diaspo Television Network. He and program producer David Bryan are Fruta Vida Inc. distributors.

Although Fruta  Vida International Inc. started only late last year it is now available in  the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and the United States, Gray says. "I am  currently preparing proposals to open satellite offices in the Philippines,  Caribbean and several African countries," he adds.

Fruta Vida, according  to Gray, has developed a unique compensation plan that offers fast start  bonuses paid weekly and downline and 100% matching bonuses paid monthly to  distributors. "No lotions and potions get stored in your closet, garage and  attic. No meetings at hotels and expensive training manuals and supply's,  just the state of the art bare necessities," he explains. "Almost all  distributors who join the program earn commission checks on their  first month."

Those interested  in learning more about the business can contact Gray toll free through  888-338-2508 or (201) 200-5564 or 201-320-7396. His web site is For additional reports, including investigative news stories order the newsstand edition by clicking on "subcribe" on the homepage or by calling (212) 481-7745.

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