Hypnosis And Weight Loss

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Once considered an end-of-the-road choice for failed dieters and the butt of a joke for many skeptics, hypnosis has reached a new level of popularity among those looking to lose weight.

While many still tout hypnosis as nothing more than a gimmick, the faithful continue to increase in number. Why the surge in popularity? According to Positive Changes (http://PositiveChanges.com) spokesperson Punit Sabharwal, the results speak for themselves.

“Hypnosis is a great way to modify habits and behaviors,� says Sabharwal. “People like it because it works. Especially when it comes to weight loss, people like hypnosis because it works with the body rather than against it.�

Positive Changes is the nation’s only network of behavior modification centers. Specializing in hypnosis, the centers work to help clients with everything from weight loss and smoking to stress management and athletic performance. Sabharwal states that the clinics are able to cover such a broad range of behavior areas because of the way hypnosis works.

“Human behavior is controlled by specific areas in the brain. When a trained specialist is able to hypnotize someone, they’re literally working on the problem from the inside. It doesn’t really matter what the behavior is--almost anything can be dealt with.�

According to experts, the human brain functions on two levels: the conscious and the subconscious. Humans think, act, and go about their daily functions at a conscious level of brain activity. Most habits, however, are controlled by the subconscious. Hypnosis is based on targeting the subconscious, thereby sending signals to change habits and behaviors.

With weight loss, the process works particularly well because specialists are able to target the specific behaviors that lead to weight gain. Cravings, for example, are a big problem for some dieters and can be controlled or even eliminated through hypnosis.

“When someone is deeply relaxed and their subconscious mind is open to suggestion, a specialist can say ‘you love how fruit smells and you would rather eat an apple than a cookie.’ After awhile a person simply has the pattern of thought that they truly enjoy fruit,� states Sabharwal.

Perhaps more beneficial than the results themselves are the behavior changes that hypnosis is able to instill in dieters. Unlike a lot of diet products and popular diet programs, hypnosis focuses on long-term change rather than short term results. Since behaviors are modified in the process of weight loss, many patients who undergo hypnosis rarely find themselves gaining weight back. “It’s safe and effective. Best of all, hypnosis is designed for long-term results,� says Sabharwal. “It’s an investment rather than a quick solution.�

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