Isha Yoga’s Holistic Healing

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(Sadhguru promotes Holistic healing).

Imagine walking into a doctor’s office and requesting to be cured of addiction, a personality disorder, chronic pain, and obesity – all in the same visit. Think your request would be taken very seriously? If your doctor was Sadhguru Jaggi, it would not only be taken seriously, it would be routine.

Sadhguru is an international speaker, author, and Yogi who specializes in Isha yoga. Isha yoga is unique from what is traditionally practiced in the United States in that its approach is entirely holistic; that is, the focus is on all aspects of body, mind, and spirit. The connections that develop between these three areas during the practice of Isha yoga are so intertwined, in fact, that Isha yoga has been said to transcend modern medical knowledge and scientific study.

Part of the mystery surrounding Sadhguru’s methods comes from the health benefits that his practitioners report. Many find themselves cured from addictions, relieved of chronic pain, and renewed with mental energy and clarity. Others report reductions in shyness, anxiety, depression and fear. Some even find solutions to long-held disorders that not even doctors are able to cure.

That’s not to say, however, that the benefits are difficult to reach – most of Sadhguru’s methods—after the initial learning program—take only twenty minutes to practice. And, unlike what is traditionally practiced in the United States, Sadhguru’s form of yoga can be practiced by individuals at any level of fitness. According to Suma Shewale, of the Isha Foundation (, finding a Yogi who is willing to share their understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection is rare.

“Sadhguru had certain dramatic events occur in his life that made him see a lot of suffering in people,” says Shewale. “If it wasn’t for him wanting to eliminate a lot of that suffering, it’s doubtful if he would be so open to sharing his methods.”

During October and November of 2006, Sadhguru plans to conduct his program in three U.S. cities: Detroit, Atlanta, and Tampa, Fla. The introductory program is five days long, consisting of a three-hour sessions during the week and full days on the weekend. After the initial program, participants are able to use the knowledge and apply it to their personal lives.
“It’s so much different from what people are used to regarding lifestyle changes,” says Shewale, “This isn’t one of those things that only lasts for two days or a couple of weeks. It goes beyond simple motivation and inspiration; this is something very rare and unique.”

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