No Pressure Friendships

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(Why not build relationships, right, while getting healthy?)

In the world of hustle and bustle that we live in, it’s sometimes difficult even to meet the person that lives next door.

Over the years, generations of people have hurried themselves right out of meaningful relationships with others, too busy to get together to make memories through shared-interest activities. In light of this, people are taking new approaches to meeting others, and they get right to the point when making sure they have common interests. Web sites like are quickly becoming a popular way for people to make a connection by helping them find others that enjoy similar activities.

“I have used lifeknot to meet people for activities,� shares Laura Neal of Brighton, Mass. “I met two other people to hike Mount Washington, a few weeks ago. I also used it to meet a new friend. I think it’s a great way to meet new people and get involved in a wide variety of activities.�

The service works well to match people together because it’s a free service to use, and members can search for others based upon their interests. So while someone that’s a huge fan of the ukulele may have a hard time finding others in his area that share that appreciation, it would be a quick search factor on lifeknot, ultimately bringing ukulele fans together. They offer more than 1,000 activities of interest across many categories, so there is something of interest to everyone. “The lifeknot activity e-mail lists set it apart,� explains Jeff Fullerton of Somerville, Mass. “In one step you can send an e-mail to hundreds of people who are interested in the same activity. I’ve used it for two months and met up with one person so far, and I’m e-mailing three others who share similar interests. We’re working to set up a weekend getaway of kayaking and camping.�

Another thing that sets them apart from other matching sites is that theirs is not based upon dating. Most sites that offer matches based upon interest are dating-related sites. Instead, lifeknot’s service is designed to help bring people together who might otherwise not have the time or resources to find each other. “The fact that it’s not advertised as a dating site takes a lot of the anxiety out of using it,� adds Mary Robinson of San Diego, Calif. “You can truly sift through and find people who enjoy the same things without any pressure to date. People with professional careers have hectic, fast-paced lives and limited time to meet people. Using lifeknot is a nice way to slow down, have fun and connect.�

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