Nourishing Body & Soul

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This summer, not everyone hit the open road for their travels. Some took to the blue waves of the water along the East Coast, instead, shooting amazing photographs of every port they stopped at along their journey. 

Kris Gebhardt and his wife Angela, two fitness and beauty experts from the Indianapolis area, just so happen to be two of those people that took to boating. They also happen to be the brains and force behind the much-anticipated 27,000 square foot Spa that will be featured inside the 380 million dollar newly renovated historic French Lick Springs Resort and Casino in Southern Indiana.

“Cruising the coast from Florida all the way up around to the Great Lakes on board an 80 foot jet powered luxury yacht is a wonderful way to clear the mind and draw inspiration for how to design and run a great spa,� explains Kris. “It’s a good way to keep healthy and see the country in a whole new way. Plus it inspires and puts us in the right frame of mind for our spa work. Particularly because the spa is being designed around the famous historic healing waters of the rich Pluto mineral springs.�  
Nurturing a healthy mind and body is something they are used to. They bring to the designing table a host of experience and qualifications that include owning several businesses within the beauty and spa industry and years of experience in the fitness industry. Kris has authored five fitness-related books, including the latest, “Overhaul: Reinvent, Rebuild & Remake Yourself� (GCI Press, 2003), and he has also been a consultant for a multitude of famous faces, including rocker John Mellencamp.

“The Spa at the French Lick is going to be hard to beat,� says Kris. “Angela and I have spent millions to create an environment that people won’t want to leave, once they visit. Not only will they get the opportunity to relax and reinvigorate, but they can also admire some great art work, of the hand-painted allegorical murals in the lobby being done by Conrad Schmitt Studios.�

For now, people will continue to anxiously await the opening of the new spa and the 42,000-square-foot casino. As the couple finishes up their East Coast cruising journey, and capture a few more breath taking photographs that will be featured in the guest rooms at the historic hotel, one can only wonder what inspiration they will draw from the next wave they come across.


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