The Gun Lobby Fires Bullets

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Score another one for the gun lovers.

President Obama is pushing for legislation that would offer relief to working Americans from the banks that peddle predatory credit cards, including to teenagers with no income.

The new rules would also extend to 60 days the late period for minimum payment until when banks can apply a higher rate on existing balance. Moreover, banks can't
increase the rates --in the past as much as tripling-- without providing consumers 45-days notification. Card companies also have to provide clear notices if they plan any
significant changes to the terms. Banks have to send out a bill with at least 21 days before the due date. Customers also have until 5 PM on the due date to pay.

Currently banks let customers pay a $39 fee for spending over their credit limit: Now, the banks have to get the customers permission. Moreover, anyone under 21 needs a co-signer to get a credit card, unless the can show proof of income.

The credit card companies have threatened that they will make up for any lost revenue by eliminating rewards programs that normally benefit people who pay off their charges promptly.

Yet, by and large, the Bill is the kind of relief Americans are yearning for. The Senate approved the proposals 90 to 5 yesterday.

The Republicans stuck onto the proposed Bill a gift to gun owners. The attached legislation will allow licensed gun owners to carry their firearms into national parks and preserves. As it is now, gun owners have to surrender the weapons when they enter the parks.

Why are they so easger to carry their weapons into the park where people go for relaxation and even vacation? Why should vacationers not have the peace of mind and assurance that no stray bullet will come from the left fieled --for whatever reason-- while they are in the park?

Yet, the president is determined to sign into law the Bill in order to provide relief from the credit card Mafia as soon as possible. Moreover, the attachment also have
the support of Democrats, many of whom come from states with gun support. It's a pity that the Republicans were able to pull of such a perverted manuever.

"Violent crime has been nearly non-existent in National Parks and poaching is not permitted on federal land. Yet the NRA managed to convince the majority of Congress to support their single-minded, irresponsible agenda," Jackie Hilly, Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said in a statement.

"Congress has shown complete cowardice in refusing to stand up to the NRA's extremist agenda. They willingly weakened public safety and stripped Americans of their rights to enjoy National Parks and Wilderness areas free from the threat of armed citizens carrying deadly handguns and semi-automatic assaults weapons," Hilly added.

"It is absolutely astonishing that Congress and President Obama allowed NRA to hijack the credit card bill at the expense of all Americans."

What a very sad day.



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