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Hey Law,

My mom and her friends are having issues with weight management. I know there has got to be an answer.  My mom is 49 and she just struggles with losing weight.  Now granted, she isn't on a regular exercise plan, but she has on occasion watched her caloric intake for a good period of time, she lost 10 lbs but then it all stopped.  I have a feeling her metabolism is coming to a halt for some reason – you know a lot of people do yo-yo diets and it stops their metabolism in its tracks. What can she do to lose the fat and keep it off?



The likely (highly likely) reason your mom is having problems with her weight is due to hormonal  changes as people age, namely a drop in Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone declines for most people as they age. HGH is a youth hormone, it keeps skin young, keeps fat off, boosts drive, etc.   Everything associated with youth. Now you know why people inject the stuff, unfortunately there are potential side effects from growth hormone use, and might not be safe.

When people are in their teens to twenties, HGH levels are fairly high. This is one of the reasons why many teenagers and people in their twenties can binge on alcohol, eat land drink poorly, miss sleep and still stay thin. The problem is as a person ages, if they don't eat properlyl, exercise and sleep sufficiently, they will usually get fatter.

Now this can all be avoided, but it requires commitment to a holistic fitness plan, which includes proper nutrition, exercise, rest and other factors.  Exercise optimizes HGH levels, and HGH optimized burns fat and keeps it off, your mom is missing out big time.  There are other factors as well, but the point is that your mom has to incorporate a program that is effective but fits into her lifestyle. She follow a weight training program that covers all the major muscle groups of the body She should follow a regular amount of cardiovascular activity such as speed walking, swimming or bicycling. She should follow a lowered calorie nutrition plan which provides a good amount of veggies and fruit, a good amount of proteins from animal and non animal sources, with a bit of healthy fats added for taste (olive oil, fish oils, etc.) rounded off with enough water. Providing your mum has no big health issues she will do well with  these guidelines.


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