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The societal ills of obesity, broken homes, and lack of leadership are ever present within the Black community, destroying people's health and minds.

Entrepreneur and Wellness specialist Tiffany Newton is using the best weapon in her arsenal to address these woes. "I want to bring wellness and transformation into the life of millions," says Newton with a confident tone. She is the creator and CEO of Tiffanydenise, Wellness, Coaching and Consulting. She devotes herself daily to the business of improving other people's lives.

Tiffany Newton or Tiffanydenise as she prefers –Denise is her mother's middle name which she kept as homage to her— says she received inspiration when she came across Kevin Trudeau's book, Natural Cures They don't Want You To know About.

“As I read, the answers came and I chose to listen,” she recalls. “I wanted to promote the working together of the mind, body and spirit."
As a "Wellness Diva" she maintains a hectic schedule. She is a published practitioner with a background in health and wellness. She has also worked in development, programming events and coaching 5- to 13 year olds at the Harlem YMCA.

She oversaw weekly talent shows for R&B singers, jazz musicians, designers, models and visual artists. Her other company is NIAIZM Inc., a communications firm whose name is derived from the Kiswahili word “nia,” meaning purpose. Tiffany’s believes everyone should lead a purpose-driven life and take care of their bodies and mind through proper nourishment.

"The things you consume have a direct impact on the body and eating right is the biggest part of your ability to have clarity,” she says. “When people start changing their approach to their diet, it creates everything from lower back pains to low self esteem."

"Schools are not teaching us how to be whole beings or have relationships. It's about finding effective ways to live," she adds.

Her company, which has been in development for more than a year, officially launched at The Shrine, Bar and Lounge, about two months ago. The schedule of upcoming classes will be posted on www.mywellnesscoach.us.

The classes are tailored for individuals as well as schools and companies, and seminars and workshops range from as little as $18 per person. Some of the current offerings are; at home wellness coaching; alternative health and healing sessions; shopping for healthier alternatives; and, wellness parties, geared to introduce wellness through a fun environment. Tiffany says she plans to embrace all serious interest candidates by offering a sliding-scale for those of modest means.

For more information or to register please visit
or call 1 (866) 312-9910.

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