An Annual Conference Activates Your Total Potential

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Lucinda Cross -- her success is a living testament that a bad past incident can become a distant memory

Move over Tony Robbins, there’s a new self proclaimed “Chief Activator” on the rise, and she happens to be a fiercely charismatic African American woman.

When Lucinda Cross took the stage dancing her way out in Louboutins wearing an all white jumpsuit with an asymmetrical bottom it was clear that the unconventional nature of it’s passionate founder set the tone for the energy in the room.

Lucinda Cross is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, and “Vision Board Queen.” Her story alone is a testimony that would make anyone take notice. As a college freshman, Lucinda was caught transporting drugs for a Nigerian drug cartel. While imprisoned for five years she started vision boarding the life she wanted, and when she was released those dreams became reality. She chartered a new visionary trajectory for her life, and now she dedicates her infectious energy to challenging others to do the same.

Her conference was born from the frustrations of not being offered a platform as a speaker. Rather than wait, she created the Activate Experience to bring the people to her, and they indeed showed up in the form of a full house. Lucinda Cross’s Activate Experience 2016 took place on September 19th & 20th at the historic Howard Theater in Washington DC. As the MC greeted attendees in a very matter of fact manner she went into the feelings that Lucinda and her staff felt as they first experienced the theater and knew intuitively that there, where Booker T. Washington was the first motivational speaker to grace the stage, is where the Activate Conference had to take place.

Activate is not your typical conference; in fact calling it a conference would oversimplify its nuances. It felt like a cross between church, a personal intervention with the tough love women who know all your business in the congregation running the show, with a hint of a house party because the DJ kept a playlist of popular get-you-hyped tunes playing. Mix in some tears, Oprah AHA moments, laughs and hugs in between and you’ll get a clearer picture.

The event, sponsored by Prudential, had around three hundred attendees, the vast majority being black women. Some attending were looking for a change, some inspiration to pursue their goals, some came feeling stuck professionally, and many came with many accomplishments under their belt with the desire to take their business or brand to the next level. The two day event included a relationship panel in which experts delved into the deep issues that keep us from having fulfilling personal and professional alliances, discussions about finances and access to capital, wealth building, and real estate, and talk about branding and media opportunities.

Rounding out the jam-packed schedule were one-on-one coaching sessions, along with entertainment in the form of song, poetry, and a mini fashion show. As a first time attendee and observer, I personally did not know what to expect. I left with more than I bargained for and I suspect so did many other participants. Yes some of the information for me personally was redundant; so it wasn’t necessarily just about the material presented but the environment. I personally felt pushed to look at my career and life as it stands and clarify with specificity the big vision, and being in the company of other women doing the same or hearing the speakers further provoked deep introspection.

After speaking to women who had both positive and negative reactions to the information presented, one common denominator arose: the Activate Experience roused something within all present to go out and do something. This hearkened back to Lucinda’s words in her opening monologue, “Don’t tell me you are motivated! This is not about motivation or inspiration. We are here to activate. I want to you get out of here and make something happen.”

It’s more than safe to say she accomplished that goal.

For information about next years conference which will take place on September 19th and 20th in Florida, location TBA, visit: or

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