Chicago's Famous Figures In History

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If you are from Chicago then you may recognise these famous people. Take a look below to find out more.
Derrick Rose: Derrick Rose was born in Chicago. He dominated the floor and he was awarded the MVP award at 22 years old. So far, he is the youngest player to have received the honour but even with all of his success, he is still incredibly humble. This is one of the few reasons why so many people look up to him and it’s also why he stands out as being one of the finest basketball players to ever take part in the game. He thanked his mother when he received his award and he is eternally grateful for his fans.
Walt Disney: That’s right. The famous Walt Disney was born in Chicago in the year 1901. His family moved away in the year 1906 but he spent a lot of his time in the state afterwards. He had his most creative years between 1901 and 1906 and when he entered adult life, he moved to Burbank in California. He had nothing more than the shirt on his back but after a lot of hard work, he ended up becoming the most famous animator in the world. Even to this day there aren’t many people who can compete with him and his genius ideas really are one of a kind. 
Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal: Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal died of a heart attack when he was 79 years of age. That being said, he will always go down in history because he managed to bring bookmaking into the US. He started out running a legitimate business and he also followed Vegas standards. He brought in female blackjack dealers and this doubled the amount of people who came to the table. He even went on to be the inspiration for the character Ace Rothstein who is actually played by De Niro in the movie Casino.  Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal managed to amass quite a fortune and he was also able to avoid death quite a few times. Someone put a car bomb on his Cadillac Eldorado and the only thing that stopped it from killing him was a metal plate that was under the driver’s seat. The idea of this metal plate is that it was supposed to correct the imbalance of the car. Ironically, the car’s malfunction is what saved him. 
John and Jim Belushi: The brothers were born in Chicago and John is really famous for the movie The Blues Brothers. He spent time on Saturday Night Live too. Jim on the other hand is known most of all for his TV show, called According to Jim. The brothers are proud to say that they are from Chicago and ever since they started in showbiz, they have experienced a huge level of success.
Oprah: Oprah Winfrey has been filming her talk show for well over 25 years now. The main reason why a lot of people love Oprah is because she represents a lot of the people in Chicago. She’s a huge philanthropist and she is always trying to do whatever is right by her fans.
Hugh Hefner: Another famous figure who was born in Chicago. He is very famous and is known for creating the Playboy magazine. He is the founder of the Playboy mansion and even though he started with nothing, it’s still safe to say that he was able to build something absolutely huge. You can actually see the old Playboy Building on the Gold Coast Tour. 
Bob Fosse: You might not have heard of this guy if you’re not up to date with the entertainment industry, but he was actually a famous director. He was also a choreographer and an actor too. He grew up in the area of Ravenswood and he attended Amundson high school. Some of his most popular movies and shows include Chicago, Cabaret and even Sweet Charity too. He is also very famous because he developed the jazz dance that included Jazz Hands. 
Al Capone: Al Capone is a notorious bad guy. During the prohibition era, Capone decided that he would make his money illegally. He created a big operation that would essentially involve him smuggling alcohol into secret bars. He is behind the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and he was also part of a gang too. He was put in jail but not because of his crimes- but for tax evasion. He was jailed at the young age of 33.
Kanye West and Common: Another person to come out of Chicago is Kanye West and Common too. They have collaborated with one another in the past as well. Anyone who knows rap will know who these two are. Kanye’s beats are very familiar and he likes to experiment with inner rhyming. His behaviour at times can be somewhat bizarre but that being said, he’s super talented and a lot of people admire him. Common is also very good at what he does and a lot of people look up to him. They are both proud to come out of the area of Chicago and it’s safe to say that they have done a lot for the music industry.
Of course, there have been so many great people to come out of Chicago and it’s safe to say that some of them have gone on to be legends. Take Walt Disney for example, there are now so many theme parks opened up across the world that are in tribute to him. It’s safe to say that the culture and even the scene of Chicago has helped a lot of people to come out of their shell and to become the legends that they are known for being today. If you want to know more, then all of the above people have biographical entries about them on the internet. So many people travel to Chicago every year just to soak in the atmosphere, so if you have never been, now’s the time for you to change that.

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