Entrepreneurs: The Three Richest African Americans

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African Americans have come a long way since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. While a complete victory cannot be claimed as yet, the progress made in the past decades is undeniable. Some have proven that they can live the dream. They have risked it all and came out on top. They provide inspiration to those who may not be as fortunate as them today. Perhaps, with some luck, they can turn their own dream into reality. And why not? Some people win all the time playing at Royal Vegas mobile casino. Getting the jackpot can happen to anyone with enough persistence.

Oprah Winfrey: By far, the richest African American is Oprah Winfrey with $3 billion to her name. Her upbringing had been tough but she came out of it stronger and wiser. This self-made billionaire is famous for her long-running talk show which consistently garnered the top ratings for decades. She has interviewed every major politician, actor, athlete, author, and artist during that time. She has since left the show to start her own cable channel. She's also a producer, an actress, a radio host, a publisher, and a noted philanthropist. Oprah is a household name in the US with a massive influence on her audience.

Michael Jordan: Every sports fan will be familiar with "His Airness" Michael Jordan who is second on the list with $1 billion. He was the face of basketball for a long time thanks to his impressive skills, high leaping ability, creative plays, and leadership on the court. He is considered as a human highlight reel and is often described as the Greatest of All Time. Whether you agree or not, there is no denying his legacy in the  NBA with 6 league titles and 5 MVP trophies. Although he was well-paid as an athlete, most of his earnings come from sponsorship and business deals with popular brands like Nike, Hanes and Gatorade.

Dr. Dre: Dre leapfrogged over the rest in recent years to place third in this list with a net worth of $780 million. The rapper and record producer has been in the business for a long time. He has been involved with numerous successful albums including those of Eminem and other artists. However, it was his involvement in the creation of premium headsets that made him rich beyond his wildest dreams.  Beats by Dre headphones have cornered the market, accounting of about 65% of the sales in its category. This success turned heads including Apple's which bought the rights for the product for a cool $3 billion.

Other Notable Names: The runner-ups deserve to be mentioned here as well. These include Sean "Diddy" Combs, Tiger Woods, and Robert L. Johnson. Diddy is known as a rapper and record producer with a number of hits to his name. He is also an astute businessman with interests in the beverage and television industries. Woods is, of course, among the best golfers in the world. He achieved immense success at a fairly young age with wins over much more experienced opponents. Although he has had some personal setbacks, he has gotten himself back on track. Finally, Johnson is the founder of Black Entertainment television or BET.


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