Is California Leading The Way In Clean Energy?

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California is a large state in the USA that is known for its beautiful beaches and its hot sun. This state has everything from the big cities of Los Angeles to the smaller cities of Vacaville in the Bay Area. In the current energy crisis that the world is facing, we look toward California to find out what they are up to and how they plan to make an impact to beat global warming. 
The leadership in this state have made some strong promises in recent years in regard to their energy consumption. Of course, there is a chance that these goals might not be achieved but if they do, then it could have a really positive impact on the country as a whole. Goals to reduce the number of fossil fuels emitted every year and make some switches to renewable energy are very welcome at this point in time.
Here, we are going to look at how California is currently operating in terms of clean energy and the solutions that the citizens of this state are trying out in order to reverse the effects of global warming. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more. 
Issues Faced
When looking at California, it is important to consider some of the issues and the reasons why they might need to make these changes sooner rather than later. This state is becoming more and more prone to wildfires with the recent large wildfire spreading across much of the state and burning the homes of many. This wildfire made worldwide news with many people around the world pledging to donate and make some changes to prevent this from happening in the future.
Of course, this is not the only wildfire to really affect this state with one week in 2019 alone reporting over 236 new wildfires. This is an incredible amount of fires and it shows that the press is not able to keep up with reporting these kinds of incidents. These wildfires are dangerous, and something needs to be done to prevent them from happening in the future.
While wildfires are a natural occurrence, many believe that these kinds of fires expose the electric system and show that it cannot be trusted in this kind of situation. This has called for new solutions including a larger focus on clean energy. 
Interestingly, many people in leadership in California have actually considered shutting off the power during periods of high fire risk but is this the right solution? Should the people of California have to live without power for extended periods of time simply because of a fire risk? Of course, these fire risks are a danger to humans and animals and so they are no joke but surely there must be other ways to tackle this.
Not only would people be without power in their homes but public services such as hospitals would be without power which could cause some serious issues and put human lives in danger once again. This is why the government is passing on this change for now and focusing their efforts on other changes such as an increased use of clean energy. 
Energy Goals
California is a big state and so you can expect that the carbon emissions have increased a lot over the years with tourists flocking to the big cities and celebrities using their private jets to get around. Interestingly, California as a whole has decided to set a target to have 60% of energy be renewable by 2030. While 2030 might seem like a date that is far off in the distance, it is getting closer and our time is running out before we need to really deal with the climate issue. 
In the long term, the state of California has also decided to set a goal of having 100% climate-friendly energy which is something which other states are not even thinking about in this current political climate. While some states are ignoring the issue, others are following the lead of California as they adopt similar goals and make an effort to change the way that they are consuming energy in the current year. Of course, this state is the only one really committing to this right now as the other states watch on and see if they can figure out how to turn this into something that is realistic. 
Whether it involves solar panel installation in Vacaville or reducing the number of bright lights in the city of LA, this state is committed to changing the way that they use their energy and the way that they produce it. Hopefully, these goals will be met and the government will get the support of the people needed to make the changes.
Clean Energy Jobs
Over the years, the number of clean energy jobs in California has reached record heights as this state has made a real commitment to making a difference. Interestingly, this state has managed to outnumber the fossil fuel jobs with jobs in clean energy by five to one. According to public records, there are more than 512,000 people who are employed in clean energy jobs or jobs related to this in California alone. 
The people in these roles are involved in everything from building electric cars to reduce the pollution in the city to running a solar company in Vacaville. These jobs are very important, and they are setting the tone for the rest of the country who aren’t sure where to make changes in order to become an environmentally-friendly state. Look out for more clean energy job appearing in your own state and make sure to get on board with this because this kind of energy is here to stay.
Solar Power In California
One of the biggest reasons for the clean energy produced in California is due to the increased number of solar panels in this state. This state has some of the best solar installation Vacaville and other cities have ever seen and this is what makes it so impressive. Some people have even stated that this state might have too much solar power due to just how popular this kind of renewable energy has become.
It is clear to see why solar energy might be one of the most popular ways to power your home in this state – it is always sunny. Citizens of cities can install solar panels in their home and benefit from lower running costs and a lower carbon footprint. Many family homes have saved a lot of money over the years with the cost of solar power in Vacaville outweighing the initial investment.
There are many companies that offer the best solar power in Vacaville including Semper Solaris who offer excellent quality panels and great service. Citizens of the Bay Area region are benefiting from warranties that protect their panels and some are producing more energy than they need to run their home for the entire year. These panels can come in a variety of sizes that suit the home that you live in and they can also be used in public buildings that could benefit from this kind of energy. 
For homes in California, solar panels are the best option, and this is why this state is doing so well when it comes to leading the way for clean energy in the USA. Have a look around your local area if you live in California and you might just come across more solar panels on homes and general buildings than you might have thought.
The Rest of The World
When looking at the changes that California has made over recent years, it doesn’t hurt to also look at this in comparison to the rest of the world. Some other countries have really been taking strides and are possibly the reason for California doing so well. 
Norway is one of the best examples of a country that is relying on renewable energy to keep the country running. This country uses a lot of hydropower and has done for many years. In fact, in Norway, you will find that 98% of the energy production is done with renewable sources which makes it one of the best in the world. Other countries making a large impact including Denmark and Sweden who have made some real changes. 
In terms of the countries that are using the most fossil fuels in general, you will find that China, India and the United States top the list. China has been known to be one of the biggest causes of pollution for many years now as this jam-packed country releases an incredible amount of fossil fuels every single day. The USA is on the list but many people in this country are trying to make a change as soon as possible. California and other states are trying to reduce the impact that the USA is having and hopefully will get them further down the list in the future. 
What Can You Do?
While many of the biggest decisions are made by the leadership of most states, there are some things that can be done by those living in the states. It is often up to each individual home to really make a difference and everyone working together can have a real impact on the outcome. 
If you aren’t already using solar power in your Californian home, then now is the time to do so. You will find that this kind of power is much more cost-effective and will really make a difference overall to your carbon footprint. The government can only change the energy that is used in public and government buildings, it is up to you to make this change in your home and start making a real difference. 
Other things that you might want to try out in order to contribute to your state’s clean energy pact is to use more public transport. Do you drive to work all of the time? This can contribute to pollution and global warming as a whole and needs to stop. While public transport can be beneficial it can also contribute to pollution so try walking more or even riding your bike which will have a positive impact.
You should also try to make some changes to reduce your carbon footprint in general. Think about recycling more, using less plastic and using less energy in your home. A simple insulation check can help you to identify where the energy could be leaking from your home and help you to figure out what the next step is.
If you are hoping to really make an impact, make sure to make some of these changes and see how they can benefit your lifestyle and the environment. 
Final Verdict
California has been known for being one of the biggest producers of fossil fuels and pollution in the USA due to just how popular the state is for both the locals and tourists. With huge celebrity events held every single day in this state, it can only be imagined just how much energy is used and how much pollution is there.
Of course, as you can see from this article, California has made some really impressive promises and we hope that they can deliver on these in the near future. With goals set for the next ten years and beyond that, there is a real chance that this state can make some important changes that will set an example for the rest of the country.
While other countries like Norway and Sweden are already doing really well, it is clear that the other USA states are relying on the success of California to make the changes necessary to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire country.
Keep an eye on this state and see what changes are made in the future. If you are a California citizen, then make sure to do your part and make this state a clean energy state as promised. 

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