Migrating to Outlook: Everything You Need to Know

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In the modern world, we mainly communicate with the help of Internet. Despite various apps and messengers, email remains an undeniable part of our lives since it helps us store important messages, exchange files, and keep track of our daily activities. But there are times when an old email just doesn’t cut it and people are interested in getting more opportunities.
Outlook is a provider that more and more individuals pick because of how diverse it is. It offers numerous superior options, such as friendly design, business focus, as well as exchange of large files. But if you’ve been using something like Gmail for ages, just forgetting about all your messages and leaving them isn’t possible. That’s when you should learn about email migration of any scale to MS Outlook through www.outlooktransfer.com since it’s a safe way of transferring data. 
Migration to Outlook: What Can a License Bring to You?
With how many email clients are out there, people often worry that they won’t find a program to help them transfer all their valuable files. Luckily, with Outlook Transfer licenses, you won’t encounter any issue. The service supports more than 20 different email clients, including the following: 
Opera Mail
Live Mail
These are just some of the most popular providers our clients come to us from. We offer much wider coverage, so it’s likely that whatever email you’re using, we’ll help you transfer your files to Outlook successfully. By choosing to use our services, you’ll get a number of benefits.
In the process of file transfer, our program will clearly differentiate between text of themessages, file attachments, and even special styles used when exchanging emails. You will be able to convert gigabytes upon gigabytes of your emails, transferring them securely to your new account. The speed of the whole process will be a pleasant surprise, helping you save time.
How Much Does a License Cost and What Does It Entail?
We have a clear system of prices for the convenience of our clients because we want them to see what they are getting and make an informed decision. Without a license, one gigabyte of info conversion costs 1$. There is also a general fee of 4.95$ used for payment processing. For example, if you want to transfer one gigabyte of emails, you have to pay 5.95$. If you want to convert two gigabytes, your price will be 6.95$ and so on.
If you’re interested in buying a license, it will last for one year. After that, you have to purchase a new one. The price is 19.95$ for home data and higher for business and technical license options. So, read description under each license and get the one you need.
With a license, you’ll never have to worry about the size of files. You can transfer emails of any scale to Outlook easily and quickly. Study all info and migrate safely!  

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