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Online privacy matters. In 2018 keeping your data safe is more than having a strong password and being aware that suspicious links should never be clicked on. Actually, what does a strong password mean? Can we really define our password is strong enough to prevent a hacker attack? Is there a password that can't be hacked? Internet privacy is a scary stuff. The number of hacker attacks has shockingly increased during the last year or two. Every day new data leaks are reported about. And those are only the biggest attacks. This fact makes doing business on the Internet a lot harder.

Even if you think you don't have anything to hide, you still have information on your devices, cloud, or browsing history, which you probably wouldn't show any person you are not familiar with. That's why Internet privacy is more than just an individual privacy. It is keeping secure everything – from work-related databases to personal photographs. What to do now? Get a VPN. Check the website here to read more about a VPN as a multifunctional tool. But now let's talk about it as the main tool for staying private online.

VPN: Why Care About Online Privacy? You may think that information of you clicking from one link to another and switching from one website to another is a boring one. But for some people it is a precious data, which is collected all the time. It is meaningful and precious data not only for hackers that can somehow use it against you but also for different companies that collect it for marketing goals. You want to control the information you share with other websites and people.

Is it possible in 2018? Can we control everything online? Of course, no. But we can control how and when we're ready to share that information. For example, if you're okay that Facebook is collecting some of your data, you're probably not okay that the people around you collect that data too while sharing a public network with you. Why a public network? Public networks are among the most dangerous environments for your devices. If you don't have an additional protective shield installed on your devices, they become too vulnerable to resist even the smallest hacker attack on a public network. What kind of protection can help?

A VPN. If you're interested, read more info about the reasons to care about Internet privacy. 

Maximum Security on the Network. To get the highest level of security for all of your mobile devices simultaneously having a unique password and latest versions of an expensive antivirus software are not enough. This will be incomplete without a VPN.

Why VPN?

A VPN is built on the encryption technology that allows getting maximum effect online. Encryption is encoding of the data and traffic.

This type of encoding ensures that everyone else who would like to monitor or steal your data on the network won't see anything except a complete mess. At the same time, encryption doesn't influence the performance of your devices or connection to the Internet. If you pick a good VPN, you can be sure that it won't harm the quality of Internet connection. And a good VPN doesn't always mean an expensive VPN. The price range is huge.

Another reason to pick a VPN is the additional functionalities it has. For example – online anonymity, replacing your IP address, and access to the previously restricted content.

A VPN is:

    Online security;
    Online anonymity;
    Wider Internet access.

Are you still doubt about getting a VPN?

If you do care about online privacy, check to ensure all of your devices are 100% protected too.

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