Rep. Rangel Joins In Silicon Harlem's Seminar To Spur Tech Growth Uptown

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Lincoln, Taylor and Rep. Rangel

[Silicon Harlem]

Story and photo by Melvin McCray

On Thursday, March 20, Congressman Charlie Rangel celebrated Women's History Month by leading a discussion with Andrea Taylor, Director of Citizenship & Public Affairs for Microsoft before an audience of several hundred techies. The event was hosted by Silicon Harlem's Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln at My Image Studio (MIST Harlem) at 46 West 116th Street. It was part of Congressman Rangel's ongoing efforts to spur technology growth in Harlem.

"Our work is about how can we use the tools and resources that Microsoft has and is willing to create to strengthen communities," Andrea Taylor said. "And we’re certainly interested in communities like Harlem. There is this youth populations that is very diverse. The nation as a whole is becoming more diverse and we don’t have the skills that we need. We’re looking at a situation were the jobs are becoming increasingly technology based. In less than 10 years 75% of the jobs will require some skill in technology and we’re still challenged to get our kids to graduate from high school."

"You are the talent that we need to make this community come back in a strong way and to be known not just for jazz and historic background but really a technology incubator," added Rep. Chalie Rangel. "Together with Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln we have to figure out what pieces we have to put together while I’m in office and we have the cooperation of the city, the state and the federal government even during this economic crisis because no matter what happens with our economy we have to keep up with technology."



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