Sadie Collective: Why Are Black Womxn Missing From Corporate Leadership?

Black womxn make up nearly 7% of the U.S. population, but in 2019, Black womxn comprised only 2.5% of those completing degrees i
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Today, the Sadie Collective released a white paper examining the pipeline for corporate diversity efforts, particularly that of Black womxn in academic fields and careers related to economics and data sciences, on Medium and an accompanying opinion piece for Fortune.

Womxn is an alternative spelling of woman, which is meant to include transgender individuals and others.

In a climate where corporations are grappling with how best to address gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion, our research yields key insights into the root of the issue.

Black womxn make up nearly 7% of the U.S. population, but in 2019, Black womxn comprised only 2.5% of those completing degrees in economics, finance, accounting, or math. Similarly, Black womxn remain underrepresented in careers related to economics, finance, accounting, and math.

COVID-19 has merely exacerbated this problem, as Black womxn have been more likely than others to consider downsizing their careers or leaving the workforce during the pandemic. In October, the unemployment rate for Black womxn was 12.7%, much higher than the national rate of 8.9%.

The white paper examines certain reasons for these disparities, including lack of access to information, discrimination in the field, and lack of role models from underrepresented groups.

The Sadie Collective draws on evidence to propose how the corporate world can better invest in underrepresented groups and strengthen the pipeline. Namely, solutions include adopting Janelle Jones' "Black Women Best" framework and supporting organizations like the Sadie Collective.

You can read the full paper on Medium here and the opinion piece on Fortune here.

More information on the Sadie Collective can be found here.

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