The latest online/tech trends for black users

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With technology playing such an important role in our lives, there are many ways to utilize it. The past decade has seen a lot of technological innovation, and much of it has become exceedingly popular within the black community. Here we will discuss the latest online trends for black users.
Online Gaming: Especially with most people having their own Smartphone now, lack of access to online gaming is no longer as bad as it previously was. Before online games were available on your mobile device, much of the black community was unable to play as not every family had their own computer at home. But with an app for every game imaginable, you can now play games like Hearthstone or bingo online. Bingo is becoming an increasingly popular choice of game in the black community as it is fun, social and allows you to interact with other players.
YouTube: YouTube is a huge online trend for black users. The vastness of YouTube means that there is a plethora of varied content available; allowing each individual to find content creators who resonate with them. There are many black YouTubers who are incredibly popular within the community, such as Chescaleigh, Phill Wade, Funky Dineva, Billy Sorrells, as well as Isaa Rae.
Online shopping: More and more people are making use of online shopping. With many people working jobs with long hours, it is not practical or possible to always go to the shops yourself. As a result, lots of people are opting to buy products they need online, and have them delivered.
Twitter: Black Twitter is where it is at! The black community of Twitter is stronger than ever, and most certainly lit! Twitter is an extremely popular social media platform, and has also been helpful in grass roots organisation, such as seen in gaining momentum for Black Lives Matter. It is the place where many millennials get their news, and stay woke and informed. But it is also a great platform to communicate with your friends.
Wearable Technology: Wearable technology is becoming a huge trend, especially with the growing popularity of health and fitness. Wearable technology such as the Apple watch and the Fitbit. While not everyone can yet afford these fancy devices, they are certainly popular among the growing black middle class, with health conscious individuals who want to stay fit and active. 
Streaming TV shows: Streaming television series online is another big online trend among black users. With services such as Netflix, streaming series has become a much more affordable way to consume entertainment –in comparison to cable which can be quite expensive. There are a lot of great TV series that are doing well in terms of representation, and thus quite popular among those in the black community. Luke Cage, Empire, Black-ish, How To Get Away With Murder, as well as Orange is the New Black. These are all amazing shows and should be on your watch list if you have not seen them yet.

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