NEW BOOK: Zen David Helps You Dress Better and Make More Money

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It's a new year and new you and that could mean new changes in your business or career...But you may need a new image to go with that. David McKnight, (who I like to call “Zen David” because he has an oh-so-calm and soothing presence) wrote a book entitled The Zen of Executive Style: Build Your Business Success Through Strategic Image Management to help you do just that. Zen David started dressing and styling his mother at the age of 10 years old for PTA meetings and his male debutante ball. He was also voted Best Dressed for all four years of college (which he put himself through thank you very much.)

Combining style and business to create a holistic type of image consulting, this book is a great addition to any New Year transformation plan, especially for your business-and let's face it, we are always selling ourselves wether we own a business or not.

The author of this book resides in New York City and is available for real life consultations. He is understanding, not intimidating at all, and is a compassionate soul who really wants you look good--as much you want to close that next deal.


[Picture of author from this Twitter page: @damstyle]

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