Gifts Season: The Best Camera on a Budget

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Are there any low-priced cameras of high quality? Can you film qualitative content without spending all your budget on the equipment only?

There are so many budget-friendly cameras out there. Just know exactly what you're looking for. The content you make and the type of channel you have matter. If your budget is limited to $1000, you have a variety of choices when it comes to the best camera under $1,000 or even when you can afford less than that.

The cheapest equipment doesn't always mean the worst equipment. It depends on the type of video you're creating. What is a good choice for a lifestyle vlogger, can be a bad choice for a travel one. The price of the camera is not always a defining factor when it comes to a decision whether it is a great camera for a YouTuber or not. So, here are some tips on buying a camera on a budget.

Affordable Cameras for Video Bloggers: Even if your budget is limited to $1000 only, you can still buy one of the greatest cameras ever. But let's be honest. If you are not a BBC photographer or you don't work with famous magazines, you probably don't need a camera that costs more than $1000. As a YouTuber, you need something simpler.

Here are a few camera models you can find online right now if you have a budget of $1000:

Samsung MV100. It is a tiny affordable camera that is ideal for vlogging on a daily basis. The size of Samsung MV100 allows to carry it in your backpack or purse all day long. It's light, small, and compact. It is not the newest model, but it has nice image quality and a set of basic features. The screen is also very comfortable in use as you can just swipe through the photographs with a finger. To make a long story short, it is a nice cheap camera for a beginner YouTuber.

Canon Rebel T7i. It is a bigger and more advanced model than the one we have been talking about above. It is not the cheapest model, but it fits the budget of $1000. Canon Rebel T7i has a quick access to a bunch of video options in one click only. The footage is of high quality. The color, the image, everything is great. But there is no 4k option available.

GoPro Hero 5. This one is for creative people, who enjoy filming on the go. It is among the best action cameras presented on the market today. With GoPro Hero 5, you can record 4K videos at a maximum of 30 frames a second. It is a waterproof model that doesn't require an external case up to a depth of 33 feet. One of the key features is an electronic image stabilization. In other words, if you're a travel vlogger, definitely check GoPro Hero 5 before looking for other options.

Don't search for the gear that costs a lot of money. Just find the right camera first.

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